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Jihadist group dismantled in Barcelona and Madrid

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Jihadist group dismantled in Barcelona and Madrid. The group was ready to carry out an attack.

National police officers arrested five suspected jihadists in Barcelona and Madrid in Spain. The alleged leader of the group has been arrested. The leader had devoted himself to recruiting and indoctrination of new members.

The operation was carried out by agents of the General Information Commission of the National Police headed by the National Court, according to judicial and police sources.

Four of the suspected jihadists have already appeared before the judge. They appeared before Joaquín Gadea, judge of the Audiencia Nacional. Gadea ordered the four men to be sent to prison.

The fifth jihadist is expected to testify in the coming days. He is already in a Catalan prison due to other crimes.

This latest operation is linked to another operation that took place in January. The January operation saw three suspected jihadists arrested. One of them is said to have fought in the Syrian-Iraqi conflict zone.

According to some reports, the alleged ringleader has already spent time in an Algerian prison.

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