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Karamarinov president, with Garcia as a “thorn”
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Dobromir Karamarinov is officially the 6th president in the history of the European Athletics Federation, but he does not seem to be the absolute ruler.

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Karamarinov’s election is not news as the Bulgarian president of the Bulgarian and Balkan federations was playing alone, following the decision of Libor Varhanik not to run for the presidency. So in the presidential election, Karamarinov did not measure his strength, something that happened in the election for the post of vice president.
Eric Teigamaggi, an Estonian, was a close associate of Svein Arne Hansen and has the support of the Nordic and Baltic countries. There, Karamarinov, who has no friends in the West, found suitable ground for alliances and supported him, according to reports on the position of vice president. However, the western bloc proved to be stronger and came behind the Frenchman Jean Garcia (photo) who is the new vice-president of EA. The Spanish-born (born and raised in Sabadell, Catalonia) Garcia was a former opponent of Karamarinov, but then lost. His election as vice-president clearly brings him to the foyer of the presidential candidacy in the next election process. Where better luck will be the over-ambitious Hungarian, Marton Gulayi who failed to be elected vice president.

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