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LFI deputies ready to fight in the Assembly

The deputies of La France insoumise (LFI) included ten texts on the menu of the National Assembly on Thursday, including the inclusion of the right to abortion in the Constitution and the prohibition of bullfighting, with the hope of a political spotlight despite the risk of “obstruction” from their opponents.

Shaken by a new response to the Quatennens affair, the rebellious deputies will try to take advantage, Thursday, November 24, of their day reserved for the National Assembly to impose their themes, with a chance of success for the registration of the right to abortion in the Constitution.

The delicate examination of this text aimed at protecting the right to abortion from possible challenges, such as those observed in the United States or elsewhere in Europe, opened their “parliamentary niche” at 9 a.m., this day offering a minority group the keys to the Hemicycle’s agenda.

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Faced with hundreds of amendments from their political opponents, the deputies of La France insoumise (LFI) however reluctantly renounced two texts: one asking for a commission of inquiry into the “Uber Files” and the other an increase minimum wage at 1,600 euros net, yet an emblematic measure.

The president of the LFI group, Mathilde Panot, was indignant at an “anti-democratic obstruction” by her opponents to “prevent any debate” on “major”, societal or “social emergency” subjects.

Majority support for abortion

The Insoumis hope at least to go to the end of the text on voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVG), which has the best chance of being adopted, despite the more than 250 amendments.

The wish to engrave the right to abortion in the Constitution is indeed shared by a majority of deputies, including those of the presidential camp. Who intend to vote, a rare thing, in favor of the text of the Insoumis.

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“It would be politically illegible [de ne pas le faire]“explains a Renaissance deputy, whose leader, Aurore Bergé, has a proposal on the same theme, on the menu of the Assembly the week of November 28.

The text carried by Mathilde Panot, which received a first green light in committee, has a different formulation from that of Aurore Bergé and asks to also sanctuarize the right to contraception. It is contained in two sentences: “No one may infringe the right to voluntary termination of pregnancy and to contraception. The law guarantees to any person who so requests free and effective access to these rights”.

Bullfighting unleashes passions

The second most anticipated text on Thursday is that of MP Aymeric Caron asking for a total ban on bullfighting, listed on the agenda just after that on abortion. A subject that unleashes passions, through press forums and demonstrations, and which opposes within the various political groups the defenders of animal welfare and those of a “cultural tradition”.

This text is the subject of more than 500 amendments. Of “pure and simple obstruction”, with “certain amendments which attack me [personnellement]“, had lamented Monday Aymeric Caron.

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Despite majority support in public opinion, the proposal, rejected in committee, has little chance of being approved. In case of failure or absence of vote, “the fight will continue the next day [contre la corrida avec une autre initiative]“, assured the former journalist.

Unless there is a new change in the agenda, the following proposals, for the reintegration of non-vaccinated health personnel or the creation of an “autonomy allowance” for young people in training, on the other hand, risk falling through the cracks. , the session ending at midnight.

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