Link Nord Stream 2 to the Ukrainian case? German government divided on the issue – RT in French

Link Nord Stream 2 to the Ukrainian case? German government divided on the issue – RT in French

For the German Defense Minister (SPD), the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project between Russia and Germany must be kept out of the Ukrainian dossier. An opinion that does not share his environmental colleagues in the government.

Link the Russian-German Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project to the Ukrainian geopolitical dossier? The German government, which brings together Social Democrats (SPD), Liberal Democrats (FDP) and environmentalists (Alliance 90 / The Greens), is unable to speak with one voice on the issue.

“We should not be training [Nord Stream 2] in this conflict ”, declared on January 13 the German Minister of Defense (SPD) Christine Lambrecht at the microphone of radio RBB, in reference to the tensions between the West and Russia around Ukraine, which intensified in the in recent months. “We have to resolve this conflict, and we have to resolve it in talks – this is the opportunity we have right now – […] rather than forging a link with projects that have no connection with this conflict, ”continued the member of the government, according to comments quoted by AFP.

However, her colleague in Foreign Affairs, the ecologist Annalena Baerbock, had declared on December 12 that the famous gas pipeline would not be allowed to operate in the event of an “escalation” in Ukraine – a position which, according to the same source, is shared by the Minister of Economy and Climate Robert Habeck, also from Alliance 90 / Les Verts. (SPF),

As for Chancellor Olaf Scholz himself, he had made ambiguous remarks on the subject, threatening consequences for Nord Stream 2 in the event of Russian aggression against Ukraine … before declaring that the gas pipeline project was a project purely “private”.

Currently, Nord Stream 2 is awaiting certification by the German energy regulator. An expectation arising in a context of strong tensions between the West and Russia: Washington, Kiev and some of their allies accuse Russia of considering an invasion of Ukraine, which Moscow formally denies. In order to reduce these tensions on the European continent, Russia submitted in mid-December to the United States and NATO draft agreements comprising as the main proposal a commitment by the Atlantic Alliance not to expand further east – proposals that the West has not accepted to date.

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