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Lyon-Marseille definitively stopped after a bottle throw on Dimitri Payet
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French football is unable to stem the violence in its stadiums. Sunday November 21, the match between Olympique Lyonnais (OL) and Olympique de Marseille (OM), counting for the 14e Ligue 1 day was thus interrupted from the first minutes and finally never resumed after more than an hour and a half of stoppage. This is the sixth time since the start of the season that a Ligue 1 meeting has been interrupted after overflows from supporters.

It was the throwing of a full water bottle from the north turn of Groupama Stadium in Lyon on the head of OM midfielder Dimitri Payet that caused this interruption by referee Rudy Buquet. The two teams then returned to the locker rooms.

A man was arrested and taken into custody, we learned from the police, who said they had identified him by CCTV cameras before being arrested.

Conflicting announcements on the resumption of the match

Following this interruption, a crisis unit brought together the authorities, clubs and referees, said the prefect of the Rhône. in a tweet, specifying that the decision to resume the match was “To the sole arbitrator”. After an hour, the announcer announced the resumption of the meeting.

But, if the Lyon team returned to warm up for a few moments, that of Marseille did not come out of the locker room. “Contrary to what had been announced, the referee decided not to restart the game, considering that the safety of the players was not guaranteed”, ended up announcing the announcer of the Parc OL.

The evening was marked by a pathetic imbroglio mixing Lyon and Marseille leaders, the referee of the match, the Professional Football League and the prefecture of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

“My sporting decision has always been not to resume the game. [Mais] it has been mentioned of disturbances to public order ”, explained the referee Ruddy Buquet at the microphone of Amazon Prime, implying that the final end of the match could give rise to fear of outbursts of frustrated supporters.

The Professional Football League (LFP) condemned “Firmly the violent aggression of which Payet was the victim”, and said regret “Under these conditions the decision to resume the OL-OM meeting by the regional Prefect”.

“Contrary to what some rumors suggest, the decision to resume the match does not belong to the prefect”, “It belongs to the only arbiter”, retorted the regional prefecture in this epistolary duel from a distance.

The live: Lyon-Marseille live: the meeting is interrupted following a bottle throw on Dimitri Payet

A similar incident in Nice in August

“The length of the decision is incomprehensible”, estimated the Lyon president, Jean-Michel Aulas, after the final end of the meeting. The strong man of OL said to himself “Devastated” by this incident, but tried to protect his club by evoking an isolated act about the throwing of the bottle which struck Dimitri Payet. ” We are well organized in terms of security here, did he declare. And as the author of the gesture was imprisoned, it is believed that the match could resume without problem. (…) There was no risk of new throws of projectiles. “

Dimitri Payet had already been hit by a bottle during a match in Nice at the start of the season, in August. The meeting was interrupted at the 75e minute after the entry of some supporters on the field and an almost general fight between supporters, players of the two teams and members of the management of the two clubs, and it had not resumed.

Asked about these incidents, Jean-Michel Aulas then spoke in favor of strong sanctions for the clubs, which places him, this Sunday, in an uncomfortable position: “I am one of the people who thinks that the only possible sanction to curb this state of affairs, whether at the level of players, managers, supporters, is the point penalty, he had declared. It’s the only one that’s really scary ”.

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Sixth match interrupted in Ligue 1

This was done by the disciplinary committee of the Professional Football League (LFP) which, on September 8, sanctioned OGC Nice (which was leading 1-0 at the time of the facts) of three games behind closed doors. and two penalty points, one of which is suspended.

“Despite the firmness of the decisions of the LFP Disciplinary Commission since the start of the season (withdrawal of points, closed-door match, closure of the stand) and the work carried out with the government authorities to punish violent individuals more effectively in the stadiums, these new serious incidents are a reminder that the safety of the matches is the responsibility of the home club and the local authorities, to whom it is ultimately the responsibility of resuming or definitively stopping the match ”, wanted to clarify, Sunday evening, the League, whose disciplinary committee will meet urgently from Monday, November 22.

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Lyon-Marseille definitively stopped after a bottle throw on Dimitri Payet
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