Macron’s formula dismays some opponents – RT in French

Macron’s formula dismays some opponents – RT in French

During a ceremony at the Elysee Palace, Emmanuel Macron greeted “humble, silent France at work”. A statement that sparked criticism from some political opponents, who saw in it condescension or contempt for the strikers.

In the midst of a teachers’ strike, Emmanuel Macron sliced ​​the galette des rois at the Elysee Palace on January 12, making a statement that sparked much criticism. From comments reported by Paris Match on January 13, the Head of State would have greeted “humble, silent France, at work […] this silent France that we hear so little about because it gets up early to work ”. Some saw it as a form of condescension or contempt for strikers and demonstrators.

Thus for the socialist deputy and Arnaud Montebourg’s support for the presidential election Laurence Rossignol, the President of the Republic has in fact greeted France “which remains in its place, accepts its condition and does not contest the social order”. “The working classes but not dangerous. Always the same imaginary, France of “them who are nothing” and are satisfied with it “, she added.

The deputy for France rebellious Mathilde Panot for her part translated which, according to her, would be the hidden meaning of Emmanuel Macron’s words: “Because if not for this France which was on strike today, I fuck her.”

The ecologist (EELV) Sandrine Rousseau has valued that it was “how we spoke of servants in the 19th century.” “Since then there has been labor law, emancipation, social conquests… In short, a few struggles that have taken us out of a society of rentiers”, she recalled.

Guillaume Lacroix, president of the Radical Left Party and Christiane Taubira’s support for the presidential election, joked about this sentence “coming from a president who talks a lot, rarely with humility and who eats pancakes … the bean is for him “.

According to a member of the National Rally in Yonne, Jean-Christophe Letierce, Emmanuel Macron “provokes the teachers who take to the streets, victims of his inability to redress the country […] our children are also affected ”.

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