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Madrid wins without apologizing | sports

Mushrooms or Rolex?

Madrid never apologized for winning, not even in Arabia. He has plenty of individual class to make a spectacle of the goal, and collective maturity to take care of what has been achieved and wait for the redeeming counterattack. As self-esteem was always plenty, he does not have to justify the triumphs. Xavi’s Barça plays as if Xavi were playing, but without Xavi, and it still isn’t enough to bring the ideas to the result. He shows a valuable loyalty to style: this Barça goes out for mushrooms and nothing distracts him. Madrid, on the other hand, is worth everything. If along the way you find a rolex he puts it in his pocket, even though he goes on looking for mushrooms afterwards. It is even incredible that, in the globalization that standardizes, the business that squeezes and the technology that invades, the two teams remain so faithful to their stories. This is the only way to explain why, after the game, Madrid left happy and Barça did not leave sad.

go to extremes

There were long moments when the classic seemed to be playing on a blackboard. What we knew was going to happen happened with bureaucratic punctuality, except at the ends of the field, where the game was shaken by two young people who fill the eyes. On the one hand, Vinicius got on his motorcycle with a defined destination: the area, the goal, the goal. On the other side, Dembélé, mounted on a magic broom, dazzled with his infinite resources with a more imprecise course, as if he forgot where he had to go along the way. To the eye, Vinicius is attractive and Dembélé is even funny, but when we go from seduction to statistics, this Vinicius has incorporated a devastating concreteness into his game that, in Dembélé, we are still waiting for.

Conductor looking for orchestra

If we take this individual duel to the collective, we would reach similar conclusions. Vinicius is the one who, when he scores a goal, kisses the shield and tells us, with gestures: “This is my place”. Dembélé, on the other hand, is discussing with his agent what his place in the world is. Madrid is done and the feeling, due to the results and the Mbappé effect, is that everything can improve in the future. It doesn’t matter if several of their undisputed players are of an age to deserve, the perception is that everything fits. Barça is yet to do, and although their youngsters are very promising, we have to wait for time to do its job. What happens is that time has a cadence that does not correspond to “the historical urgencies” (Menotti dixit) of the club. Xavi knows the guts of the monster like no one else and seems like the right conductor for the club’s aspirations. He just needs to know with which orchestra.

The new Williams and the old legend

In the second tie we saw Atlético looking for themselves without finding themselves. He played a game under the law of least risk, putting more energy into not being surprised than surprising. At the time, he scored a goal that he did not deserve and started to defend it. But the need unleashed Athletic Bilbao and Nico Williams led a reaction that compensated for the boredom suffered. The new Williams, fast, skillful and daring, culminated the comeback with a repertoire. He reached for a deep ball and took a strong shot with his right leg that bent Oblak’s hand. From the corner caused, he picked up a tempting rebound, one of those that invites you to break it, but this time he opened his foot and chose a soft and unattainable hit with his left leg. The goal unleashed a youthful delirium that reached even his mother, who was in the stands. It did not hurt to remember that football still has human traits.

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