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Malaga diver missing after military training exercise in Huesca

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A Malaga diver missing after a military training exercise in Huesca. picture; pxhere

Malaga diver missing in Huesca after military training exercise

Mario Quiros Ruiz is a sergeant in the Malaga army. As confirmed by a spokesperson for the Spanish army, he was participating in an exercise in the Aragonese region of Huesca. Here they used the El Grado reservoir for diving. Sergeant Ruiz has been missing by the army since the morning of Tuesday, October 12.

As reported by the military spokesperson, a search is still ongoing for the soldier. They confirmed that the sergeant had disappeared during a “scheduled exercise for assault divers.”

Resident of Melilla, but born in Malaga, Mario Quiros Ruiz had been assigned to the regiment of engineers n ° 8, belonging to the general command of Melilla. Sergeant Quiros should turn 23 this Friday, October 15. According to a military spokesperson, “the family has been informed”.

The Spanish Army regularly organizes such exercises, during which troops are subjected to diving courses where they receive tactical, physical and technical training. This is designed to prepare them for any possible missions that might arise, whether in peacetime or in an actual combat scenario, as reported by


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