Malferida, a cola drink “without secrets”, manages to close investment in 24 hours | EFE Communicates | Today Headlines

Malferida, a cola drink “without secrets”, manages to close investment in 24 hours | EFE Communicates
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The Valencian soft drink company Malferida has closed its first round of investment close to 100,000 euros in less than 24 hours and leaving a waiting list, a milestone that will allow the company to grow and consolidate as the cola drink “without secrets”, tripling its sale in relation to last year.

This is explained in an interview with the Efe Agency by the general director of Malferida, the Valencian Lucía Mompó, who started the company three years ago from her final degree project and after entering one of the business acceleration programs emerging from Lanzadera.

“Then Malferida was an idea, an Excel, something very different from what it is today,” says Mompó, whose project takes its name from the Valencian town of Aielo de Malferit, where his mother is from and where a local story places the origin of the first cola drink.

The official history dates the birth of Coca-Cola in 1886, in the laboratory of the American pharmacist John S. Pemberton, although in Aielo it is said that, six years before, they had invented a syrup with a similar flavor and the same base.

That growth, says Mompó, is what led them to launch their first round of investment in a digital platform in which companies can set the amount they need and investors have a period of one month to make their contributions. Ultimately, these investments only become effective if the amount committed by all those who want to invest exceeds 70% of the objective set by the company.

In the case of Malferida, in 24 hours not only was the goal set reached, but almost fifty investors, both individuals and companies, committed 25% more than that amount, which is the maximum limit allowed by the platform, In which a waiting list was even created with the closing of the offer.

“This will allow us to accelerate growth, expand the team and invest in technology”, points out the general director of the company, who points to a “phase two” of the project: “Until now we have focused on transferring that Malferida is a Valencian and natural drink, but now we seek to bring the product even closer to the consumer by focusing on the concept of transparency ”.

In this sense, Malferida intends to present itself as “the drink without secrets” and to make itself known outside the local sphere, although, Mompó assures, “it will always be a Valencian soft drink.”

“We say that we are a local product because we really are,” says the businesswoman, who details that “everything is produced in the Valencian Community, with Valencian suppliers”, and recalls that the company even has the Zero Kilometer Certificate.

The local component of the product is joined by the commitment to nature: Malferida is made from natural components and is suitable for vegans, vegetarians, celiacs and diabetics, since it is not sweetened with sugar but stevia.

“Our idea was always to make a soda that you can drink with a clear conscience”, highlights Mompó, who has perceived that sport, yoga, or the commitment to ‘bio’ are at the center “of the consumer’s lifestyle of Malferida ”.

For this reason, it can be found in the Catalan chain of stores Ametller Origen, which sells healthy products, as well as in supermarkets such as Carrefour or Aldi, shops, restaurants and bars throughout Spain, as well as on the company’s website,, which includes the 500 points of sale in cities such as Valencia, Castelló de la Plana, Alicante, Murcia, Barcelona and Madrid.

Regarding its possible expansion outside the Spanish borders, Mompó leaves it for a future “phase three” and affirms that it is now focused on taking advantage of the fact that time and the pandemic have changed consumer habits: “What we have experienced has left a consumer more concerned with leading a healthy life, but also more rebellious and less conformist, and those are the traits that characterize Malferida ”. EFE

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News Today Local news Malferida, a cola drink “without secrets”, manages to close investment in 24 hours | EFE Communicates

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