Marc Márquez: “I have returned to riding a motorcycle because my vision is perfect” | sports | Sport Top stories

Marc Márquez: “I have returned to riding a motorcycle because my vision is perfect” | sports

Marc Márquez claims to be very happy. He is relieved, but, qualifies, “with tension.” The ordeal of injuries he has gone through since the humerus of his right arm was fractured in July 2020, the three operations he had to undergo and the subsequent injury to his right eye, where he suffered a diplopia problem (double vision ) that prevented him from finishing the season, make him be very cautious. With what it says. And with what you expect. But the truth is that medical confirmation is now added to his usual positivism: “I have perfect vision,” he says.

The 28-year-old Honda rider connected to the Honda riders’ press conference this afternoon after also participating in the Japanese factory’s start of the season presentation by videoconference and from his home in Cervera (Lleida). And all it left was good news and good feelings. Feel that you are recovered. About his vision problem and his arm injury. Although he knows that he must take good care of himself and go step by step.

The diplopia that he has suffered since he suffered an accident when he was training practicing enduro at the beginning of November seems to have been solved with the conservative treatment by which he and Dr. Bernat Sánchez Dalmau – the same one that he already treated when he suffered the same problem in 2011 – they bet at the beginning. After checking in the last review this week the evolution of the ailment, the ophthalmologist agreed with the athlete that a surgical operation would not be necessary, as it did the first time. And he also gave him permission to ride a motorcycle again, something he hadn’t done since he fell and suffered the head injury that caused those vision problems.

“I chose to train in motocross first because it was the bike that I got injured on; and secondly, because it is a really demanding bike and track. There are many jumps and you have to be very precise, “he explained. He never liked easy things.

Márquez had a paralysis of the fourth nerve of the right eye in which the superior oblique muscle of the same eye was also involved. Exactly the same injury that he missed, also the end of the 2011 season. Then he did not return until the first race of the course, in Qatar in mid-March. On this occasion, it seems that the runner may be in preseason training.

“It has been a very slow process, but we already knew that when we found out what type of injury he had,” said Márquez. Now you will work on developing a plan in which the priority will always be your physical condition, which you know you must take maximum care of. His team is trying to organize a training session with a 1000cc Honda CBR or a Honda RCB, speed machines with which to test his physical condition on an asphalt circuit. He wants to test himself and be able to ride at 300 km / h, alone, for a whole day, before confirming that he will be, as he intended, in the first official tests of the MotoGP preseason in Malaysia, on the 5th and the February 6th. These will be followed by the first training sessions from February 11 to 13 at the Mandalika circuit in Indonesia, which opens this year on the calendar.

From now on, Márquez will also focus on preparing his right shoulder so that it can withstand the entire season, to avoid irritation and inflammation in an arm that, he says, is better today than it was last year.

“From a mental point of view this was one of the most difficult moments of my career. It is already the fourth winter that I am bad, first it was the right shoulder, then the left, again the right arm and when it seemed that it began to improve, after winning again at Misano, if I felt good, another injury came, “he conceded. .

Marquez had three wins last season. The first at Sachsenring, the second at Austin, after a podium in Aragon, the three circuits with the majority of corners to the left, until he confirmed his improvement at Misano, a track with more corners to the right and physically harder for him. Won. He pointed to his right arm. He had returned. Or so I thought. Because it was the last race he ever competed in. A few days later, before the final appointments in Portugal and Valencia, he damaged his eye.

“When you have these types of injuries, everything is on the table. Including the possibility of never riding a motorcycle again ”, he confessed. He knew the feeling, he had already experienced it ten years ago. And it was equally complex: “It’s difficult, because you don’t know anything about your future.”

This last month of January, when a possible surgical intervention was still in the air, he began to notice a considerable improvement. He started riding his bike again. And on a mountain bike.

This Thursday he rode a motorcycle for the first time in three months.

And he is only working on being able to be in top shape at the beginning of the course. The first race of the year is held on March 6 in Qatar.

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