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More than 140 school bus routes canceled in Seattle due to vaccination mandates

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More than 140 school bus routes will be canceled in Seattle on Monday due to a driver shortage caused by vaccination mandates.

The routes are suspended indefinitely and will affect approximately 7,000 students.

Washington Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee has ordered vaccinations for all workers and contractors in the state, including bus drivers. More than 100 drivers are expected to be fired Monday for failing to comply.

“Due to the district’s bus shortage, the Greenwood General Education bus route will no longer be in service as of Monday, October 18. We understand the great impact this has on our school community. We faced this issue last spring when we reopened, and our families were resilient and found ways to support safe walking routes to school every day, ”the Greenwood Elementary School principal wrote in an email to parents obtained by the station. local KIRO.

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Their report went on to say that Seattle Public Schools may have to cut up to “two-thirds of its general education bus routes because there weren’t enough drivers complying with the state’s immunization mandate.”

Some of the schools are resorting to trying to get school children to have public transportation passes to solve the problem the governor created.

“We hope that the staff shortage facing First Student will be resolved as quickly as possible so that we can resume and improve all bus services,” SPS Assistant Superintendent of Operations Fred Podesta said in a statement, according to King 5. News. “In the meantime, we are actively seeking alternative solutions to this challenge, such as the expanded provision of ORCA transit passes for high school students and other modes of transportation.”

Today Headlines abc News More than 140 school bus routes canceled in Seattle due to vaccination mandates

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