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National Trust warns of threat of “ideological campaign”

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The National Trust warns of the threat of an “ideological campaign”. The National Trust believes it could be damaged because it is attacked by members of the Restore Trust.

The NT spoke out after members raised concerns about some of the Restore Trust members. Several members of the group are said to have extreme opinions. Restore Trust has a series of candidates who they hope will be elected to the NT board.

The right-wing press widely promoted the group. The group is said to influence the elections using paid social media ads.

The National Trust is concerned that Restore Trust is approving Stephen Green for a place on the board. Green is the leader of a fundamentalist Christian pressure group.

Green said the National Trust is “obsessed with LGBT issues”.

A National Trust spokesperson told The Guardian: “Our founders set out to protect and promote places of historic interest and natural beauty for the benefit of the nation. It means we are for everyone. Whether you are black or white, straight or gay, right-wing or left-wing.

Neil Bennett is one of the directors of Restore Trust. He is also the Managing Director of RT2021. Bennett said the company is handling “the large and growing amount of donations that have been provided to Restore Trust”.

“I have accepted this role because, like others, I believe that the management of the National Trust has gone astray and is failing in its duty to protect British heritage and present it properly.”

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