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New Caledonia: the Air Force is projecting itself into the heart of the Pacific

An air detachment made up of four planes, including three Rafale fighters, recently evolved in the Caledonian sky, a first for the French army which had never sent planes so far from France. The objective of this mission was to succeed in projecting air forces from the mainland in less than 72 hours in this area of ​​the South Pacific.

Riots broke out on Wednesday August 17 in the town of Kawéni in Mayotte. Several groups of young people clashed with the police and scenes of looting, ransacking and assaults punctuated the day.

Firefighters from Mahor and Reunion arrived in Paris this week to lend a hand to firefighters fighting fires in Gironde. These 20 firefighters form the South Indian Ocean zone detachment. About twenty Polynesian fire soldiers also came as reinforcements.

Reunionese students have returned to school, two weeks ahead of the rest of France. In total, nearly 240,000 pupils and students have returned to schools and universities on the island.

In the West Indies, the proliferation of Sargassum seaweed continues to poison the daily lives of coastal inhabitants. In Martinique, these strandings, still impressive, paralyze tourist activity in the south of the island.

In New Caledonia, tourist activity is also threatened by climate change. Coastal erosion is accelerating in places, such as on Amédée islet, off Nouméa. It houses the first metal lighthouse in France.

In Reunion, a father was looking for a low-cost solution to help his daughter get around in a wheelchair. He found on the Internet a system for attaching an electric scooter.