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New nasal spray that could protect you from Covid

New nasal spray that could protect you from Covid. image: pixabay

Finnish Scientists Have Developed Nasal Spray That May Protect From Covid

In the 22 months since the coronavirus pandemic hit Spain, we have learned to adapt our lives to the constant changes in restriction and health measures. Likewise, pharmaceutical companies are constantly on the lookout for the next big breakthrough that could help alleviate infections from the virus.

One of these treatments was developed by scientists at the University of Helsinki, Finland, and is a basic nasal spray. Although it has only been tested on rodents so far, it is claimed that this nasal spray can protect against Covid-19 for up to eight hours.

Tests have reportedly shown that it was successful in blocking the symptoms of all known variants of the virus, including Omicron. This strain is currently widespread throughout Europe and is highly transmissible, but, because it is based on a part of the virus that did not change during the mutation, the developers claim that their spray has been shown to be effective against she.

How the nasal spray works

Experts of course specify that vaccination remains the most effective way to fight against the virus. This spray would be a good complement to jabs, especially in patients undergoing cancer treatment, people with transplants or people with HIV. In addition, we must remain cautious and aware of the situations in which Covid is most likely to be contracted.

As with the antiviral pill which will soon be available in Spain, it is a preparation based on two antivirals, and is administered in the form of three doses. The new nasal drug aims to block the progression of the virus through the tissues of the nasal passages, which has been shown to be the perfect place for the coronavirus to replicate and progress to the lungs, where it causes much more severe symptoms.

By subsequently sending anti-Covid antibodies directly into the nose, it slows down the disease in its early stages, say Finnish developers, as reported


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