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Olympiakos advanced to the 3rd round of the Champions League
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Olympiakos, led by Vilma Salas, prevailed 3-0 in Minsk and with two victories advanced to the 3rd qualifying round of the Champions League where they will face the Serbian Zok UB.

Olympiakos after the 3-2 of the first match that left the qualifying battle open, this time saw Vilma Salas not only enter the rhythm of the match, but to be really unstoppable giving confidence to the whole team.

So winning the first set came very easily to follow a crazy second set where Olympiacos led 5-10 and 12-17, but Minhaska tied (17-17) while covering -3 at 19-22, tying again at 22-22. The stress was driven away by Salas who with two attacks brought the score to 22-24 to close the set with an attack by Hippe.

Olympiakos was now one set away from qualifying, but Minhaska whose rest was in the match until 16-16 which became 16-19. The Belarusians could not get close and the epilogue was written with an out attack by Smirnova (former Malasai).

“Today we played great volleyball. Our game was really amazing and I can not express in words the volleyball we played today. I am very happy with the image we showed. We were focused and controlled the game throughout and we reacted in the 3rd set, regaining control when we were back in the score. “We leave with the victory and the qualification against a very good team and we continue with the goal of overcoming the obstacle of the next opponent, to be in the groups of the Champions League”, said Ferrer Coutinho happily after the end of the match.

The sets: 19-25, 22-25, 22-25
* The points of Minhaska Minsk came from 1 ace, 37 attacks, 12 blocks and 13 errors of opponents and Olympiakos came from 4 aces, 54 attacks, 4 blocks and 13 errors of opponents.

OLYMPIAKOS S.F.P. (Ferrell Coutinho): Giota 5 (5/8 ff.), Emmanouilidou 8 (4/9 ff., 1 ace, 3 blocks), Salas 23 (22/37 ff., 1 ace, 77% min. – 46% excellent), Paraimba 9 (8/25 ff., 1 ace, 64% min. – 36% excellent), Christodoulou 4 (2/2 ff., 1 ace, 1 block), Hippe 12 (12/26 ff.) / Kakouratou (l, 53% sub – 35% excellent), Genitsaridi 1 (1/4 ff.), Kelesidi.

MINSHASKA MINSK (Stanislav Salikov): Siakretava 13 (11/32 ff., 2 blocks), Smirnova 11 (9/23 ff., 2 blocks, 52% yp – 41% excellent), Vladika 7 (3/7 ff., 4 blocks), Markevich 9 (8/23 ff., 1 block, 59% min. – 36% excellent), Lapato 1 (1 block), Lazyuk 9 (6/13 ff., 1 ace, 2 blocks) / Fendarincik (l, 25% yp. . – 25% excellent), Panasenka (l, 53% yp. – 33% excellent), Stoliar, Supianova, Liabyodkina.

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