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OREGON 2022: The qualification ranking was announced, the positions of the Greeks

The official ranking that qualifies for the World Open Track and Field Championships in Oregon next summer was announced by World Athletics.

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This is the official qualifying guide which lists all the athletes who have the limits and completes the number of places for the world with the ranking.
The qualifying period started for all the races on June 28, 2021, except for the off-stage, 10,000m, relay and composite races, which are calculated from December 20, 2020.
The Greek delegation currently counts five members who have a qualification with a limit and another five who are in the qualification ranking with two (Filtisakou, Papadopoulou) counting for two games each.

With limit

  • Katerina Stefanidi (short) – limit, 4.80m (4.70m)
  • Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou (short) – limit, 4.70m (4.70m)
  • Antigone Drisbioti (35km walk) – limit, 2:49:55 (2:54:00)
  • Emmanouil Karalis (short) – limit, 5.80m (5.80m)
  • Miltos Tentoglou (length) – limit, 8.41m (8.22m)

By ranking

  • Filtisakou Sunday (20km walk) – No12 / 60, 1125 points
  • Christina Papadopoulou (20km walk) – No14 / 60, 1085 points
  • Elina Zhengo (javelin throwing) – No18 / 32, 1073 points
  • Alexandros Papamichael (35km walk) – No27 / 60, 1151 points
  • Filtisakou Sunday (20km walk) – No34 / 60, 1122 points
  • Christina Papadopoulou (20km walk) – No38 / 60, 1092 points
  • Olga Fiaska (20km walk) – No60 / 60, 1026 points

It should be noted that because the qualifying period started on June 28, several Greek athletes did not have the necessary number of matches to qualify. Surely more will be added on the way to Oregon.

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