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Our selection of dry dog ​​food for less than 60 euros – Conso
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Regardless of the breed of your little companion, all young dogs need the right food, which provides them with the right nutrients for their development. Puppies have a still fragile intestinal flora, and require quality food, which does not cause stomach pain. Discover now the Cdiscount selection at less than 60 euros!

Whether your puppy prefers poultry, beef, or turkey kibble, you need to pay attention to their composition. It is essential to choose a premium diet, with well balanced ingredients carefully selected by the manufacturer. You must also take into account the breed of your puppy: some kibble recipes are suitable for small dogs while others are more suitable for large animals. Also make sure that the kibble contains enough vitamins. Are you welcoming a 2 month old puppy soon? He will be just weaned and will need baby dog ​​food. Get ready to treat it by selecting several packets of kibble from the Cdiscount selection on sale. For less than 60 euros per pack, your little companion will receive all the nutrients necessary for his growth. You can switch to adult dog food from the age of one.

Pro Plan Optistart croquettes, 18.99 euros instead of 28.60 euros

This package contains 3 kg of dry food for puppies who have just finished weaning. This premium food is also suitable for pregnant or lactating bitches. Enriched with colostrum, it will effectively strengthen your small dog’s immune system, while supporting its natural defenses. Very complete, these croquettes display a nutri-protective complex, which guarantees the quality of the nutrients offered. They also contain maltodextrin, which limits starch levels and helps reduce gastrointestinal complaints. Save 33% now!

  • These puppy food contain naturally occurring antioxidants
  • No added dyes
  • This diet provides good digestive health
  • For the puppy from 4 weeks of life
  • Rich in minerals

If you have a puppy in the midst of the transition from breast milk to solid food, these are the ideal dog food. They will help him to be strengthened and to operate gently this change of type of food.

33% savings on Pro Plan Optistart kibbles

The Hunger Wolf croquettes, 47.97 euros instead of 95.94 euros

It’s a big saving that awaits you, since Cdiscount is currently offering these croquettes at half price. This large breed puppy food will suit your little companion up to the age of 2. These are cereal-free dog food, perfectly suited to animals that suffer from digestive problems and stomach aches after eating. They contain glucomannan and fructooligosaccharides, which will strengthen your dog’s immune system. In addition, the shape of these croquettes fights against the formation of tartar, even on the fangs of the bottom.

  • The kibble pack weighs 3 kg
  • These croquettes are rich in probiotics and balance the intestinal flora
  • It is a very tasty dog ​​food

These are the best kibbles for very energetic dogs who have digestive issues. Thanks to this premium food, your pooch will quickly regain its shiny coat and keen eye.

50% savings on The Hunger Wolf dry food

Our selection of dog food for less than 60 euros

Nutrivet Inne croquettes, 56.99 euros instead of 84.21 euros

How about saving 32% today? With this 12 kg packet of puppy food, your little one will have reserves for several weeks.
These chicken nuggets are very complete, and will provide your puppy with all the nutrients he needs to develop his skeleton, his muscles, his organs and his sight. They consist of 80% ingredients of animal origin and 20% fruits, vegetables, vitamins, plants and minerals.

  • No coloring, no artificial flavors, no chemical preservatives, no added GMOs.
  • Very appetizing and tasty croquettes
  • The bag has an easy opening and closing system

Intended for dogs up to the age of 2, this diet is enriched with L-Carnitine and limits weight gain. It also contains extracts of rosemary, green tea and yucca: the ideal cocktail to fill up with energy!

32% savings on Nutrivet Inne kibbles

Our selection of dog food for less than 60 euros

Choosing dog food for puppies from the large Cdiscount selection gives your little pet every chance to start his life at home. He will receive all the nutrients he needs and you will quickly see him strengthen. Shiny coat, keen eyes, well-formed muscles, this is a healthy puppy that will provide you with licking morning and evening. Besides, why not also offer him a kibble dispenser with voice recording? It is your voice that will call the animal at mealtimes, always at the same time. There are several models at Cdiscount.

This article is a selection of good deals in partnership with Cdiscount produced independently by the Wamiz team. Some links are called “affiliate link” and allow Wamiz to be paid in the form of a commission as soon as you make a purchase from the merchant after having clicked on the link. It doesn’t change anything for you and your pet! Affiliate links are identified as such for the sake of transparency.


Latest News Headlines Today Headlines Our selection of dry dog ​​food for less than 60 euros – Conso

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