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Paddy Pimblett responds to Sean O’Malley’s ‘fat as shit’ comment

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Paddy Pimblett has responded to recent comments from Sean O’Malley. ‘Sugar’ suggested that ‘The Baddy’ had become “fat as shit.” The two rising stars of the UFC have also not shied away from shooting at each other in the past.

The Liverpudlian recently appeared in the Dave Portnoy Show with Eddie & Co to discuss his lucrative deal with Barstool Sports. When asked about his reaction to O’Malley’s recent comments, Pimblett replied:

“What’s wrong with being fat boy? Who’s the one dealing with a fat shame? Cheeky bastard. He’s smaller than me Dave, like he’s fighting 20 pounds below me. He keeps putting my name in his mouth because he knows I’m the new big thing and I’m about to shove him aside and he says ‘what’s going on here?’ “

See Paddy Pimblett’s response to O’Malley’s comments below:

The 26-year-old previously revealed that he had signed a seven-figure contract with Barstool Sports. Pimblett will act as a brand ambassador and content creator for the site.

As you would expect from a fighter outside of camp, Pimblett has evidently put on weight and appears to have enjoyed himself since his successful UFC debut. The Englishman previously admitted that when he’s not training for a fight, he indulges in all kinds of cuisine and has a huge appetite for desserts.

Liverpool currently compete in the lightweight division, which is two weight classes higher than O’Malley’s. ‘The Baddy’ recently suggested that he won’t be fighting O’Malley anytime soon.

Paddy Pimblett reveals his next goal

Paddy Pimblett has revealed that he hopes to fight Jared Gordon next. In his interview with Dave Portnoy, Pimblett said:

“I hope it’s Jared Gordon, I think the UFC will probably come back to London early in the new year so I think they’ll see me blow the roof off the arena in the UK when I beat Jared. Gordon in one round.”

‘The Baddy’ made his UFC debut just over a month ago against Luigi Vendramini. He finished the Brazilian in the closing seconds of the first round by technical knockout.

Paddy Pimblett previously suggested that his next UFC fight is already booked. The 26-year-old used his Instagram account to share a picture of himself hitting gloves. The caption of the image hinted that he put pencil on paper for his next fight, although it is now unclear if he was simply referring to his signing with Barstool Sports.

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