Paris issues ultimatum to UK executive over fishing licenses – RT en français

Bruno Margolle, president of FEDOPA and Paul Thomson, vice-president of the British Conservative Party, were invited to discuss post-Brexit tensions and more particularly on the subject of licenses granted to French fishermen.

Eleven EU member countries, including France, signed a declaration on October 11 in which they criticize the United Kingdom’s handling of this file. In addition to the increasingly difficult conditions for obtaining fishing licenses, France complains about the number of validated licenses: a little over 200 out of the 244 requested. Paris therefore issued an ultimatum to London on October 13 through its French Secretary of State for European Affairs, Clément Beaune.
What should we think of this ultimatum from Paris which brandishes the threat of restrictions on electricity deliveries? Is it a gesture of desperation? Could the British authorities cede and grant more licenses to French fishermen?

Malagigi Boutot

A final year student studying sports and local and world sports news and a good supporter of all sports and Olympic activities and events.

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