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President Macron asks diplomats to be “more reactive” on social networks, especially in Africa
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President Macron asks diplomats to be “more reactive” on social networks, especially in Africa

Emmanuel Macron urged, Thursday 1er September, French diplomats to be “more responsive” on social networks to better respond to the attacks that France is undergoing towards public opinion, particularly in Africa.

“Our country is often attacked and it is attacked in public opinion, by social networks and manipulations”observed the Head of State, in a speech to the French ambassadors gathered at the Elysée Palace.

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This is particularly the case in Africa, where “the narrative, Russian, Chinese or Turkish” comes to explain to public opinion “that France is a country which is involved in neocolonization and which installs its army on their soil”. The response begins with a “true partnership policy” with the target countries, but “I think that, collectively, we must be much more reactive, much more mobilized on social networks”insisted the President of the Republic.

“We suffer too much”

“It’s not about making propaganda”he argued, but to counter the “anti-French propaganda” and of “Fighting false narratives, false information and defending the reality of our action”. “Today, we suffer too much, we do not do enough”said Mr. Macron in front of the French ambassadors.

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The Head of State, who called for “assuming a strategy of influence and influence for France”urged to “better use of the France Médias Monde network, which is absolutely key, which must be a strength for us”. France Médias Monde brings together the news channel France 24 and radio RFI.

On social networks, France has been targeted by disinformation campaigns in Mali, against a backdrop of diplomatic tensions between Paris and Bamako. A lot of false information had thus circulated there in a viral way in 2021, relating to the supposed actions of French troops in the country.

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