Presidential campaign of 2022, a big electoral bazaar? – RT in French

The proliferation of shock announcements and trips by potential candidates for the 2022 presidential election suggests that the campaign has already started.

Emmanuel Macron put on crampons in Poissy (Yvelines) on October 14 as part of a match with the Varieties Club de France. A displacement of the president with the appearance of an electoral campaign, without being declared a candidate. Meanwhile, Marine Le Pen gives foot to the Eric Zemmour hypothesis. Finally, on the side of the Republicans, we are still looking for the leader for the 2022 presidential race.
Arnaud Benedetti, editor-in-chief of the Political and parliamentary review and Alexis Poulin, columnist, were guests of RT France to decipher the vagueness surrounding the beginnings of the presidential campaign.

Malagigi Boutot

A final year student studying sports and local and world sports news and a good supporter of all sports and Olympic activities and events.

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