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Prince Andrew stripped of his military titles

Prince Andrew, son of Queen Elizabeth II who is the subject of a complaint for sexual assault in the United States, was stripped of his military titles and association sponsorships on Thursday. A decision announced by Buckingham Palace the day after the refusal of the American justice to classify the civil complaint of the plaintiff, Virginia Giuffre, one of the many victims of the sexual crimes of the American financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Prince Andrew was stripped, Thursday, January 13, of his military titles and sponsorship of associations, the day after the refusal of the American justice to file the civil complaint which accuses the son of Queen Elizabeth of sexual assault on a minor .

“With the Queen’s consent and approval, the Duke of York’s military affiliations and royal sponsorships have been returned to the Queen. The Duke of York will continue to hold no public office and is defending himself in this matter as a private citizen, “Buckingham Palace said in a statement, suggesting that Queen Elizabeth II will not finance her legal fees.

Earlier today, more than 150 British Army veterans asked the Queen to strip the former helicopter pilot, who had distinguished himself during the Falklands War, of his titles.

In this letter published by the group opposed to the monarchy Republic, the signatories accused the prince of having failed in the obligations of “probity, honesty and honorable behavior” that the British military have.

Prince Andrew, 61, is being sued in New York by American Virginia Giuffre, 38, who accuses him of having had sex with her when she was 17. It would have been delivered to the prince by the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, friend of the Duke of York.

The prince vigorously denied the charges. But after a disastrous interview in 2019, he retired from public life.

The New York decision came after the queen announced the program of festivities that will mark her 70th year of reign this year, with parades, concerts and pudding contests.

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