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Qatar will allow the sale of beer at matches, under certain conditions

The sale of beer will be allowed under certain conditions to people attending FIFA World Cup matches in Qatar, a source familiar with the matter said on Saturday. Fans with a ticket will be able to buy tickets during the matches, in the three hours preceding the match and during the hour following the final whistle.

Qatar will allow people attending World Cup football matches, organized at the end of the year in the country, to buy beer under certain conditions, a source familiar with the matter said on Saturday (September 3).

Fans with a ticket will be able to purchase beer containing alcohol at matches within three hours of the match and one hour after the final whistle, the source said.

It is the first time that the World Cup will be held in a Muslim country where the sale of alcohol is strictly controlled, which presents a major challenge for the organizers, the event being notably sponsored by a major brand of beer. .

“It will be possible to buy beers as soon as the doors open, three hours before kick-off. Anyone who wishes to buy a beer will be able to do so. (The supporters) will also be able to buy them during the hour following the final whistle,” the source explained.

A World Cup sponsored by Budweiser

Budweiser, one of the biggest sponsors of the World Cup, will be allowed to serve beer in part of the main fan zone, located in central Doha, from 6.30 p.m. to 1 a.m. every days during the tournament, the source said.

In previous World Cups, beer was served all day in the “fan zones”.

The price at which the beers will be sold is still under consideration, the source said.

Although alcohol is not completely banned in Qatar, its consumption in public places is. Travelers cannot enter the country if they are carrying alcohol, even if they have purchased it from airport duty free shops.

They also cannot get alcohol from specialty stores in suburban Doha, where only foreign residents with permits can buy it.

Tourists can, however, consume alcohol in the few hotels and clubs that have a license authorizing them to sell it. A pint of beer can cost up to $18 at these establishments.

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