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Queen “irritated” by inaction of world leaders on climate change

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The Queen is “irritated” by the inaction of world leaders in the face of climate change. image: twitter

Queen remarks she is’ irritated ‘by world leaders’ inaction on climate change

While attending the sixth opening ceremony of the Welsh Parliament – the Senedd – in Cardiff on Thursday 14 October, the Queen made a very rare public intervention. She made a pointed comment in reference to climate change, which was not supposed to be heard outside of her group at the time.

Speaking to Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, and Elin Jones, Speaker of the Welsh Parliament, a live broadcast set up for the event picked up on the 95-year-old monarch’s remarks.

Referring to the Cop26 climate change conference due to take place in Glasgow, an event which the Queen and other members of the Royal Family will attend, she was heard saying emphatically: ‘Extraordinary isn’t it, I heard everything about Cop. I still don’t know who’s coming, no idea, “adding, while gesturing with his gloved hand,” We only know the people who don’t come. It’s really annoying when they talk, but they don’t ”.

Responding to Her Majesty, Elin Jones said, “Exactly. This is the time to do and watch your grandson Prince William on TV this morning say there is no point in going to space, we have to save the Earth “, what for the queen smiled very proudly before replying, “Yes, I read about that”.

Charles, the Prince of Wales was also present at the opening, someone who is also a staunch and dedicated environmentalist, having made similar comments on the subject earlier this week. Although delivered in a public environment, the Queen’s remarks were not at all political, rather a personal take on this subject, and her obvious frustration with the lack of movement from world leaders on an issue that is to of great importance globally right now.

Some major world heavyweight leaders have still not confirmed their participation in the UN conference on Cop26, which will start in Glasgow on October 31. Among them are Russian Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Scott Morrison, Australian Prime Minister, Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro and Narendra Modi of India, as reported by


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