Russia dismantles hacker group REvil, following “appeal by US authorities” – RT en français

Russia dismantles hacker group REvil, following “appeal by US authorities” – RT en français

The FSB has announced that it has put an end to the activities in Russia of the “ransomware” hacker group REvil. Joe Biden had called on Russia to act against this group, which had claimed responsibility for an attack on an American company.

“The Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation, in cooperation with the […] Interior Ministry put an end to the illegal activities of members of an organized criminal group in the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg as well as in the regions of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Lipetsk, ”the FSB reported in a statement, this January 14.

It is, according to this source, members of the group of hackers “REvil”, involved in “the illegal circulation of means of payment”.

“To achieve their criminal ends, these people created malware, organized theft and cashed funds from the bank accounts of foreign citizens, including buying expensive goods on the Internet,” reports the FSB.

The search for these hackers “was launched following an appeal from the competent American authorities who transmitted information concerning the head of the criminal group and his involvement in attacks on the information resources of foreign high-tech companies” , still according to the Russian intelligence services.

In early July 2021, this group of hackers, also known as Sodinokibi, claimed responsibility for the “ransomware” attack targeting the American computer company Kaseya. Joe Biden then asked, during a telephone exchange, Vladimir Poutine to act against the attacks carried out from Russia, under penalty of seeing the United States take “the necessary measures”.

In early November, European and American authorities announced the arrest of seven hackers in an international operation that targeted REvil as well as the “ransomware” group GandCrab.

“Ransomware” is an increasingly lucrative form of digital hostage-taking in which hackers encrypt victims’ data, then demand money to put things back in order.

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