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SEGAS ‘Golgotha ​​and the responsibilities of Sakorafa

Until last March, not a few people thought they knew what Sofia Sakorafa was. They had in mind the old great athlete who dominated javelin throwing in the 70’s, winning 12 consecutive national titles from 1972 to 1983 and breaking the world record in 1982.

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They also knew about her intense political action, her social struggles with the KKE flag that started in the early 80’s and considered that on these bases the current president of SEGAS is moving, who persuaded Vassilis Sevastis to rejoin the sports society after 35 years of absence to be the answer to the candidacy of Tasoula Kelesidou.

However, in the almost ten months that Sakorafa has been in the government of SEGAS, elected with the support of the group of people who have been next to Vassilis Sevasti for two decades, the MP of MeRA25 has shown a very different face from what most people in their mind. Of course, it is not easy to know the real character, the reasoning and the practices of a person when for 35 years he moves to other places away from sports and much more when she was waiting for another role and how she will have to play another role in SEGAS. it finally emerged with the unexpected loss of Vassilis Sevasti.

But no matter how we do it, you fall from the clouds when, as her companion and competitor, as the protagonist of the election in the administrative leadership of SEGAS, you discover in a short time that Sakorafa, imagined as an image of the 70’s, has nothing to do with Sakorafa, the politician of MeRA25 and current president of SEGAS.

From this medium we have placed on the issues of Greek sports many times, always branded and signed, with stable positions and views for many years and with the aim of informing the public and highlighting the serious issues that concern athletes, coaches, clubs and sports fans.

We will continue to do the same as long as we exist and we will exist for a long time, because this is our job, the information and recording of events, the promotion and promotion of sports games, performance and distinctions, but also the revelation of all kinds of bad texts in sports space, with the ultimate goal of improving the operation of Greek sports, transparency, equality, justice and its evolution in the new data of the era we live in.

We do not express any Sakorafa, no one, Kelesidou, no Economou, no Capralo, no Avgenaki and everyone knows that very well. Sometimes we may agree with their choices and positions and sometimes we may disagree. This is our job after all, reporting, information and opinion whenever required. We are fortunate to be able to take a position without dependencies and without interests. He does not always like what we say, what we show, usually because it is the truth.

Unfortunately, since 2014 we are the only medium in Greece that with responsibility, completeness, knowledge and consistency covers and promotes the Olympic sports with a clear goal of highlighting the efforts and distinctions of Greek athletes and all the work done through invisible workers of the Olympic sports venue. That is why the reading public of Greece and Cyprus supports us fanatically, it is growing steadily and we thank it.

However, there are times when we also feel very uncomfortable, because we get to the point where we have to record unprecedented and reprehensible behaviors and practices that the MERA25 MP and president of SEGAS brought to the track and field field ten months ago. Practices that if one does not experience them from within, one can not imagine that an old champion and protagonist in social struggles as she states, applies them in the most absolute and opaque way, despising her companions and leading them to dead ends with a single purpose submission to its parliaments.

It is a line that was followed first with the external collaborators of the federation, then with the coaches of the field, to follow the clubs and now it is time to enter the frame of the president and her own collaborators, her own people, those who she was elected president of SEGAS and who has kept her upright until now. Yes, they entered the frame, because they realized even belatedly who the real face of the president is and her intentions. Until now, they hoped, no matter how uncomfortable they felt with what they saw happening, that there would be a settlement with her. In vain, however, even after what evolved and was said at yesterday’s SEGAS Board of Directors, it seems that the cube was thrown.

We understand the opposition of Kelesidou, Oikonomou and the other members of the team that expresses the Renaissance of athletics and it has a logic as from the first moment it was the opponent in awe with specific positions and program, but the opposition of Themelidis-Melachrinos-Mantas opposite to the president they elected, is something that is constantly shaking the edifice of the federation and now follows two months that Sofia Sakorafa has to give a fight in favor of everything for her survival as president of SEGAS.

Only she knows why she should do it, if she has the power to do it and how she will do it. We will follow the developments and inform. Surely SEGAS is going through one of the most difficult periods in its history and whatever the administration that will have the fate of the area in its hands, one thing is for sure, that Golgotha ​​is great to have to climb.

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