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Sex, blackmail and video: an odious political plot in Saint-Étienne
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Sex, blackmail and video: an odious political plot in Saint-Étienne

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Since Now nearly eight years old, Gilles Artigues, deputy mayor of Saint-Étienne, lives with a heavy secret, from which he has never been able to free himself. In the winter of 2014, political “friends” from his own camp laid a formidable trap for him: they filmed him, without his knowledge, during an intimate evening they had specially organized for him on the sidelines of a meeting in Paris.

The centrist municipal councilor, a father very involved in the Catholic community, was then blackmailed so that this compromising video would not be disclosed.

Hands and feet tied, Gilles Artigues has never publicly denounced these methods, especially since he was unaware of everything behind the scenes of this operation.

A Mediapart investigation today reveals that this trap, inspired by the tradition of the “kompromat”, a KGB weapon still in vogue in Vladimir Putin’s Russia to control or disqualify opponents, was directly organized by the entourage of the mayor of Saint-Étienne Les Républicains (LR), Gaël Perdriau, of whom Gilles Artigues has been deputy since 2014.

The goal ? Contain the influence of the centrist elected official, whose local presence was feared in the municipal majority in the event of possible political dissent, according to the elements collected by Mediapart.

Extract from the video recorded without the knowledge of Gilles Artigues in a hotel room in Paris. © Document Mediapart