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Spain approves fourth dose of COVID vaccine for critically ill or immunocompromised patients

Photo credit: ECDC-European Union

The Spanish Ministry of Health has approved the fourth dose of the COVID vaccine for critically ill or immunocompromised patients, to be administered five months after the third dose.

People with serious illnesses, who have had organ transplants, are on cancer treatment or are generally immunocompromised will receive an additional dose of COVID vaccination, which will be the fourth.

The decision was taken in agreement on January 13 by the public health commission, which set a five-month interval between the third and fourth dose. This means that these people will be able to receive the fourth vaccine from February, with the third dose starting in September.

At the same meeting, public health officials agreed to extend the vaccine booster to the entire population over 18. The booster jab is different from the “extra doses” that people who are immunocompromised due to serious illnesses or treatment should receive.

In such cases, the goal is not to regain the protection offered by the vaccine, which tends to wear off over the months, but rather to achieve the level of immunity that a healthy person would achieve. through vaccination.

On Tuesday, January 11, the European Medicines Agency ruled out giving more doses of the vaccine to the general population, as Israel did with the fourth vaccine, but said the case was different for the immunocompromised population.


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