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Spain escapes from the Czech mess | sports

Eduardo Gurbindo, in an action of the match against the Czech Republic.MARTIN DIVISEK (EFE)

Spain made its European debut as everyone took for granted, defeating the Czech Republic, which it had always won, but with more suspense than expected. The team, which had a hard time getting warm, was stuck in the second half by a rival who took him to the mud. The saves of Tomas Mrkva, the player of the match, added to the interruptions, protests and the Czech defensive force stumbled the Hispanics, who had to use until the last minute to shake off the discomfort.

It is common for Jordi Ribera’s boys to circulate in this type of tournaments from less to more. Even recommended. The question this time is whether he can repeat it with so much change. At the premiere, of the five new faces, only three were seen: Tarrafeta was more poignant at the beginning, it took Casado a while to appear, although then he left two goals in a row in the final stretch (one wonderful from the back), and Peciña was the starting bet in the center of the defense with Gideon Guardiola.

Fulfilled with what is required, this Saturday the first key day awaits Spain, its confrontation with Sweden, the runner-up in the world (20.30, Tdp). The pass to the second round is within reach, but doing it with points (only those obtained against the teams that also pass the phase are dragged) is decisive when it comes to aspiring to the semifinals, a goal that is achieved shovel by shovel from the first day.

It took ten minutes for Spain to take the pulse of the European. Nothing serious, in any case. The meager 2-4 at that point spoke of a selection without rhythm in attack and that, in addition, he found a very fine Mrkva, with five interventions in the first seven pitches. The reigning champion’s response came in the only way in which it is possible to straighten out in this type of tournament, from defense and goal. Back he adjusted the screws and Pérez de Vargas also began to stop.

A 7-1 run in the next ten minutes stabilized the afternoon in favor of the Ribera boys who, without great shine but with a better body, began to dominate. The problems were already in the Czech Republic, due to its losses and failures in attack, and the two exclusions that one of its references, Kasparek, dragged. With the recoveries behind and the Czech plan to dispense with the goalkeeper, Spain was able to score goals more easily. Gurbindo also helped the task, who for many minutes was the most lucid.

The break brought Mrvka back to the start. The goalkeeper stopped the climb of Spain, which was soon caught in a din that did not come at all well. The more confusion, the better for the Czech Republic, which even managed to make money with three fewer players. On 20-19, with 12 minutes remaining, he warned that a lane victory was no longer possible for the national team. “You have to suffer,” spat out the crowd of Hispanics in a dead time. He was not wrong. To each attempt to demarcate Spain, the Czechs responded with a mini partial that kept everything in the air. The game was always in the hands of Hispanics, although with a manifest discomfort. In the end, Antonio García, one of those veterans that Ribera continues to pull off, certified the victory on a stickier afternoon than expected.

Spain, 28 – Czech Republic, 26

Spain: Pérez de Vargas (1); Aleix Gómez (4, 3p), Maqueda (2), Guardiola (-), Peciña (-), García (3) and Fernández (3) -starting team- Corrales (ps), Gurbindo (6), Solé (2) , Figueras (3), Cañellas (1), Married (2), Ariño (), Tarrafeta (1) and Sánchez-Migallón ()

Czech Republic: Mrkva; Jurka (1), Kasparek (3), Babak (5), Becvar (1), Hrstka (6, 3p) and Reichl (3) -starting team- Mizera (ps), Piroch (2), Cip (1), Petrovsky (2), Vanco (-), Klima (-), Patzel (1), Solak (1) and Franc (-)

Scoreboard every five minutes: 1-1, 2-4, 5-4, 9-7, 12-9 and 14-11 (Rest) 15-13, 17-15, 20-16, 21-19, 25-22 and 28-26 (Final)

Referees: Pavicevic and Raznatovic. Cañellas, Peciña, Kasparek (2), Franc, Petrovsky, Becvar, Patzel and Solak were excluded for two minutes.

Ondrej Nepela Arena in Bratislava.

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