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Spanish government confirms drivers must pay to use roads

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The Spanish government confirms that drivers must pay to use the roads. Photo: Wikipedia

The Spanish government has confirmed that drivers must pay to use the roads

Sergio Vazquez, Spanish Secretary General of Infrastructures, during a forum organized by Ser in Galicia on the morning of Tuesday, October 19, confirmed that there will certainly be charges for the use of the Spanish road system. The charge will not be qualified as a toll, he stressed.

“I wouldn’t call it a toll in the first place. We’re talking about how we’re going to implement a pricing system. And I wouldn’t call it a toll because when people talk about tolls, they think of rates similar to those on highways that are paid today, ”said Vazquez.

He continued: “No, it makes sense that there is this void, and that the maintenance and conservation of infrastructure continues to be paid for with taxes from all Spaniards who have more urgent needs such as politicians. social “.

This subject is nothing new. In May, the government had already had a first assessment of the price it plans to charge as a soft toll on Spanish motorways from 2024. According to Cadena SER, the Executive, in the bill it is already preparing, works with a price of one euro cent per kilometer traveled.

Concretely, this would mean that, for example:

• A trip from Madrid to Valencia would incur a supplement of € 3.50

• A trip from Madrid to Barcelona would involve a toll of 6.40 €, similar to a trip to Cadiz

• A trip from Madrid to A Coruña would cost € 5.90

Last May, there were two models on the table for discussion. The first, the Swiss or German model, was almost immediately discarded. This system charges the driver a sort of fixed price.

The second model is the one used in Portugal, and it is the preferred system of the Spanish government. As sources from the State Secretariat for Infrastructure point out, with this model, drivers pay mainly by the number of kilometers traveled.

Initially, the government proposed to charge only for so-called “high capacity” routes. But now the door has been opened that will allow each Autonomous Community to charge on all their regional routes, using the funds raised to finance themselves, as reported


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