Spanish Super Cup: Athletic: when in doubt, courage | sports | Sport News Today

Spanish Super Cup: Athletic: when in doubt, courage | sports

Among the doubts, it seemed that Athletic and Atlético wanted to reach the final of the Super Cup more by not losing than by winning. So much the matter was that Atlético’s goal appeared due to the doubt between clearing (doubt of the defense), blocking (doubt of the goalkeeper) or that my teammate does it, it is not going to be that I bother him when doing it. And between the post and the back of Unai Simón they carried the ball 10 centimeters behind the stripe of the Athletic goal. As a coach I had in my early days told me in goal, there are times when it is better not to jump in and that way that ball would have arrived meekly in the hands of the Bilbao goalkeeper. But the instinct to defend our goal leads us to look for those unforeseen balls and chance turns a weak shot into a goal that could be decisive.

And faced with a situation of everything lost, Athletic responded with courage, trusting him to go find the result because there was nothing left to defend and a resource that history has made almost infallible in desperate situations. A resource from which Atlético does nothing was taking oil to unblock the most difficult situation. I tell you that I saw how a League went down the drain from a corner and a shot from Godín.

Oblak was in charge of eliminating the first option, of closing the blind on the line and it would seem that the possibility that even on the most denied day every team has to return to a game had passed.

But Athletic persisted, Atlético was filled with doubts and between Muniain’s foot, Yeray’s head and the precise interior of Nico Williams they sent Athletic to the final and Atlético to the canvas.

I think it was Iñigo Martínez who said when arriving in Riyadh that it is wonderful to arrive covered, without feeling offended that the lights pointed in other directions and knowing that it was going to be the grass, and nothing else, who would decide the pass to the final.

Surely the experience and success of a year ago had served as a guide. Surely, it is also a good plan for Sunday’s final against Real Madrid. A little less rest, but a team that only wants to be in the spotlight on the pitch and above all to raise the glass. With these premises the Super champion go back to the final. The second in two years after the two Cup finals. How many are there who with less make much more noise.

And now, and without making a lot of previous noise, why not win it, right?

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