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steve banon he was in weird form Saturday morning at The War Room.

After speaking about the current state of the economy under the failed Biden regime, Bannon warned Democrats about what’s ahead.

Steve Bannon: We are reaching the second anniversary of this program, Pandemic, and the third year, because we never held the Chinese Communist Party responsible for what happened. No one! Trump did and that’s why they tried to remove him, they did, try to remove him from office. And that’s why tonight in Arizona we’re going to decertify this. I don’t care if Merrick Garland doesn’t like to hear it. If the FBI doesn’t like to hear it. I don’t care if… Jamie Raskin and Bennie Thompson… Fuck it. We are going to decertify those voters. OKAY? In Arizona, in Wisconsin, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in the state of Georgia. And you’re going to have to deal with that. You stole this election. And listening is what is so amazing, the irony of Divine Providence. God’s will. It is going to lead to the total and complete destruction of the Democratic Party!

Through The War Room.

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