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Sudden spectator accident at the El Hierro cycle race

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Brutal crash of a spectator at the El Hierro cycle race. The Cicloturista Condaca Salmor Bike event had an eventful start.

On Saturday October 23, a shocking accident occurred during the Cicloturista Condaca Salmor event. According to the Canary Islands Government Emergency and Security Coordination Center (CECOES), emergency services received an alert around 3 p.m. They were alerted that a cyclist had run over a spectator.

The emergency services quickly deployed the necessary resources. The spectator had entered in the middle of the race. She was struck by a cyclist running ahead. The woman was taken care of by doctors from the event prevention service.

The cyclist was rushed to hospital. He suffered from a moderate head injury. He was taken to Nuestra Señora de Los Reyes Hospital in a basic resuscitation ambulance.

The race was passing through an urban area when the accident occurred. The injured cyclist was leading the race when the accident occurred. Many spectators had gathered to witness the event.

The racetrack was fenced, but the woman managed to sneak past an advertising arch. She was trying to cross the road when she was struck by the cyclist.

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