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Suspected jihadists arrested in Barcelona, ​​Spain as they try to buy

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Suspected jihadists arrested in Barcelona, ​​Spain while trying to buy a rifle. image: Twitter

Several suspected jihadists were arrested in Barcelona, ​​Spain as they tried to buy a rifle.

Spanish police arrested three suspected members of a jihadist cell in Barcelona and one in Madrid after one of them tried to buy an assault rifle for a suspected potential attack, according to a Reuters report on Wednesday 13 October.

A fifth member of the cell was already in prison serving an unspecified sentence and is suspected of being part of the same plan.

Officers report finding three machetes and ammunition in the house of the group’s leader, identified only as “Sheikh”, who had previously been arrested in Turkey in 2016 after attempting to enter a conflict zone and join the Islamic state.

The suspect then traveled to several countries including Malaysia, Tanzania and Algeria, where he continued to recruit for the Islamic State, police said. Spanish police first detected its presence in Barcelona in March 2021, after contacting a gang of young Algerians who were stealing from tourists and who subsequently “showed strong signs of radicalization”.

The activities of jihadist groups remain a priority for police in Spain after Islamist activists used a van to crash into a crowd of pedestrians on Las Ramblas Boulevard in Barcelona in August 2017, later leading a follow-up attack in another municipality , killing 16 people in total.

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THE leader of a jihadist terrorist group that murdered 15 people in August 2017 on the Rambla in Barcelona, ​​was reportedly an informant of the Spanish secret services, the CNI.

Abdelbaki Es Satty would have remained in contact with the service until the attack was carried out. The CNI apparently knew that a terrorist group based in the Catalan town of Ripoll was planning an attack.

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