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Teams, schedule and where to look

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PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) League Stage – South Asia Season 4 recently came to an end. After three weeks of high-level competition between the top 20 teams from South Asia, the top 16 teams qualified for the Grand Final. They will fight for a prize pool of $ 55,000.

The league phase saw a fantastic performance from the Nepalese teams that dominated the competition. DRS Gaming secured the top spot, breaking through its competitors.

Trained to Kill, another popular team from Nepal, also showed astonishing consistency, finishing their campaign in second place. Wizzies with Vibes, winners of PMCO Nepal Fall 2021, clinched third place in the Pro League, announcing themselves emphatically.

Vibes Esports of Nepal and Seal Esport of Mongolia also played exceptionally well throughout the league, securing fourth and fifth places and showing their potential through gunplay and sense of the game.

Mongolia’s top teams, Zeus Esports and Stalwart Esports (formerly Astra Academy), had league average runs, finishing sixth and eighth, respectively. Their positions, although considered decent, would not satisfy the fans and players of the teams, as they are used to podiums.

Both teams will have to resume their game and come back stronger in the final.

Teams Qualified for PMPL Season 4 South Asia Finals

  1. DRS Games
  2. Trained to kill
  3. Wizzies with vibrations
  4. Vibes esports
  5. SEAL Esport
  6. Unconditional esports
  7. i8 Esports
  8. ZEUS Esports
  9. Futurestation 1952
  10. Deadeyes Boys
  11. Bablu x Clarity Esports
  12. Ruthless aggressive warriors
  13. Esports A1
  14. High voltage
  15. 7Marine sports
  16. Esports R3D

Unfortunately, the last four teams, namely Venom Legends, S9 Esports, Paradox, PN Crew, did not qualify for the final. Now they will have to rethink their play style and return in the next PUBG Mobile esports division.

PMPL Season 4 Finals Schedule in South Asia

The final phase will begin on October 15 and will last three days, finally culminating on October 17. The final will feature a total of 18 matches, and teams will have to play six matches per day.

PMPL South Asia Season 4 Assignments

The race to PMGC 2021 will take place during the final of the event. At the end of the final, the team with the most PMGC points will qualify for the Global Championship, scheduled for November.

The list is currently led by DRS Gaming, closely followed by ZEUS Esports and Trained to Kill.

The top 6 teams from the final will also qualify for the PMPL: SA & MENA Championship, a tournament that will feature the best teams from South Asia and the Middle East region.

Where and when to watch the PMPL finals

The PMPL Finals will be streamed live on the official PUBG Mobile Esports YouTube and Facebook channels and other regional PUBG Mobile channels in multiple languages ​​starting October 15.


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