Teen stalker got ‘nonce’ into her ex’s car and followed him to Benidorm | Local News

Teen stalker got ‘nonce’ into her ex’s car and followed him to Benidorm

Credit: Chloé Armes Instagram

A stalker teenager followed his ex-lover to Benidorm and grabbed some profanity from his car after they broke up. Chloe Armes, 19, met David McDermott, 42, in a pub just weeks after his 18th birthday in 2020 and they struck up a relationship from there.

Before they began their relationship, Armes and McDermott knew each other from Eccles College, where he had been her student support officer. They then passed each other as they left a pub and Armes told her she had ‘fantasized’ about the couple having sex, prosecutor Gavin Howie told Machester Crown Court. McDermott then took Armes to a local hotel to have sex with her.

“The next day, he said, he transferred money to her bank account for the drugs she had provided for him.”

Mr Howie said Mr McDermott had taken drugs and been drinking due to his poor mental health, which continued throughout his acquaintance with Ms Armes. “He says he had mental health issues so he went to Benidorm [alone] and drank and took drugs. He then received a payment of four pence and one pence [from the defendant] saying “call me now and ring me now”. He says she came to Benidorm but nothing happened while she was there.

Ms Armes then emailed Mr McDermott claiming she was sleeping rough. He did not answer but called her the next day to tell her to cease all contact. She didn’t and “they called a meeting at the Milton Hotel [in order] to “get what she wanted”. They had unprotected sex. She was annoyed that he had provided protection. She then posted information on Facebook saying she was pregnant.

Mcdermott once again told her to stop contacting him, but Armes continued, causing her to change numbers three times. She also told her employer about their relationship and he was fired for gross misconduct. The sad affair came to a head when the stalker teenager drove to his ex-partner’s house, smashed the windows and typed the word ‘nonce’ on the bonnet of his car.

Jayne Miller, representing Ms Armes, said her client was “troubled” and came from a difficult background. She added that Ms Armes ‘now hates Mr McDermott and no longer wishes to be in contact with him’.

Armes pleaded guilty to one count of criminal harassment, as reported by The Mirror. She was sentenced to a two-year community order with 30 days of rehabilitation and issued an indefinite restraining order against the victim and her family.

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