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The body collector from Spain

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The body collector from Spain. Martín Zamora has an unenviable job. It ensures that migrants who die at sea are reunited with their families.

Zamora is the owner of the Southern Funeral Assistance morgue in Algeciras. The funeral home is located near Gibraltar. He earns a living by returning the bodies of drowned people on their way to a new life in Europe.

According to the New York Times, Zamora has helped return the bodies of more than 800 people over the past two decades. Many of these people ended up being washed ashore.

Spain has had a record year for drowning migrants. The year is not even over yet. Recently, Zamora was able to uncover the identity of another unclaimed body.

The body belongs to a mechanic from Tangier called Achraf Ameer. Zamora was able to contact her family via WhatsApp. He will be able to return the young man’s body to his family. However, it will cost the family dearly.

Zamora told the New York Times, “Sometimes I feel like a few years to come – 30, 40, 50 years from now, I don’t know how many – they’ll look at us like monsters.

“They will see us all as monsters because we let people die this way.”

Zamora often has to fight with officials in Spain. He needs them to return the bodies to him so that he can prepare them and return them to their families. Zamora hopes her work can bring an end to families who have lost loved ones.

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