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The cold Tsitsipas and the constant bullying
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It has now become a tradition in the ATP, any player who loses to Stefanos Tsitsipas to attack him.

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Andy Murray was the one who made the start by attacking the 23-year-old Greek for the famous toilet breaks and since then, almost everyone who loses to Tsitsipas is looking for an excuse. Today was the turn of Fabio Fonini who accused Tsitsipas of accepting cohabitation from his father Apostolos. Unfortunately for the Italian, things were different with the referee making remarks to him. Of course Fonini’s answer that he did not hear anything but it does not matter. In addition, the Italian, after the end of the second set that Tsitsipas raised his performance and easily took it 6-3, took a toilet break of 4.5 minutes…
After the end of the match, Tsitsipas could not complete the interview in the field, as he had a strong cough and as it was revealed, he fought with a cold. Of course, he did not use it as an excuse, nor did he complain to the referee about Fonini’s coaching.

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