The director of photography Tomàs Pladevall, Gaudí d’Honor award 2022 | Culture | Local News

The director of photography Tomàs Pladevall, Gaudí d’Honor award 2022 | Culture

The Board of Directors of l’Acadèmia del Cinema Català, chaired by Judith Colell, has agreed to honor the director of photography Tomàs Pladevall (Sabadell, 75 years) with the Gaudí d’Honor – Miquel Porter 2022 award that will reappear in the marc de la gala of delivery of the Gaudí Awards for any award, scheduled for March 6 to the Oval Room of the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC).

It is the first time that l’Acadèmia awards the honor of a director of photography. “I believe that it is time to reconnect the professions of cinema that share authorship and that contribute in a decisive way to the creation of the cinematographic language”, the institution has argued. “The direction of photography is one of the offices that most influences the construction of the unique and unique universities of each filmmaker, and Tomàs Pladevall, an artist with majuscules, has been able to create a world of his own for each director and director. directors with what has treballat, all the great names of the history of cinema in our country ”.

Pladevall has shown surprise and gratitude: “It is fantastic that for the first time it is reconnected a work of somebody that is giving the camera sense to be of direction”, he declared. “The ones who are migrating walked among the actors and the actors and the management people, these are hooked on the camera. Mirant pel visor, some of the first viewers of the film that s’està fent. It’s an honor, m’ha agafat molt per surprise. This is a great responsibility, above all, to represent a whole series of people who are related to films, who sort in the credit titles – which are not considered by vegades and are not projecte -, but that is a phonamental piece per image, per al so, per a tot the one that involves an action ”.

Responsible for the photography of “more than 90 million photograms in camera”, as Mateix points out, Tomàs Pladevall’s extensive audiovisual career includes work with filmmakers with Francesc Bellmunt, Pere Portabella, Bigas Luna, Jordi Cadena, Gonzalo Herralde , José Luis Guerín, Rosa Vergés, Josep Maria Forn, Ventura Pons, Carles Benpar and Manuel Huerga. Over more than five months of llargmetratges, he has photographed 70 produccions per a televisió (movies, chapters de sèries and minisèries), more than 400 productions (curtmetratges, reportatges, industrial video and publicity spots) and desenes d ‘ theater works, concerts and spectacles in viu. The seu curriculum also highlights the lighting direction of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Barcelona, ​​in 1992.

He is going to study technical engineering and industrial design and is a diplomat with the director of photography for the Official School of Cinematography of Madrid (EOC). The first few experiences with a camera are rewarded to the seva infantesa, thanks to the benefit of the seu for the great tradition of amateur cinema in Catalonia. Amic d’adolescència of the després filmmaker Francesc Bellmunt, in 1963 they will create the amateur production company Lentiplastic Cromocoli Selecto Serpentigraf, and the seventh first film will be Things that happen. Pladevall remembers that it is going to play face to face or I think I would sign with the director and who would sign with the director of photography.

Two of the most serious works of art, especially the tractament applied to the image emulating old engravings, will be the photographic directions of Gaudi (1989), by Manuel Huerga, amb qui després col·laboraria en les cerimònies dels Jocs, i de Shadow train (1996), directed by José Luis Guerín.

Fins avui, have been reconnected with the Gaudí d’Honor award – Miquel Porter Jaime Camino (2009), Josep Maria Forn (2010), Jordi Dauder (2011), Pere Portabella (2012), Montserrat Carulla (2013), Julieta Serrano ( 2014), Ventura Pons (2015), Rosa Maria Sardà (2016), Josep Maria Pou (2017), Mercè Sampietro (2018), Joan Pera (2019), Francesc Betriu (2020) and Carme Elías (2021).

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