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The end of abundance begins with the taxation of dividends
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The end of abundance begins with the taxation of dividends

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Wednesday August 24, Emmanuel Macron adopted the seriousness of the big days by opening the first Council of Ministers for the start of the school year. The television cameras had been exceptionally invited for the occasion, capturing and relaying at will the call of the President of the Republic for unity in the face of what he qualifies, at his choice, “big rocker” or of “great upheaval”. “We are living the end of abundance”he claimed, throwing with it “the obvious” and “recklessness” – it’s time for the spring cleaning.

In the aftermath, asset manager Janus Henderson’s quarterly report showed that dividends paid by companies to their shareholders had exploded from previous records during the second quarter of 2022. Stunningly, despite the huge economic disruption caused by the pandemic, global dividends are now above the record high they reached before the pandemic. »underlines the report established from the analysis of 1,200 globalized companies.

Growth is strongest in the commodities, financials and car manufacturers sectors, on par with the huge profits recorded last year. The Brazilian Petrobras tops the ranking of companies that have distributed the most millions to its shareholders. In Europe, dividends increased by an average of 30% compared to the previous year. An average that France even manages to exceed to reach the record sum of 44.3 billion.