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The fear of Sakorafa and the pressures of EGO

Good morning to everyone. We had a long time to say it. The holidays have kept us away for a while, but little by little we are coming back.

Reveals the Xman
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There is a lot I learn last and I do not know where to start. I will start with SEGAS since the site is Olympic sports and athletics is the top Olympic sport. You will call me a top sport but in EOE it is non-existent because Sakorafa is very afraid of failure and although she ate a door from Capralo-Kouvelos and the proposal to amend the statute never reached the Undersecretary, she continues to keep the track out of EOE φο fearing the match…

The beans do not come out

It is obvious that the president’s beans do not come out and that is why she whistles indifferently for the irregularities she commits. Also, she does not get a good candidacy for EOE, since she is not on top of it and her paint does not pass to the unions, and Kenteris has absolutely no luck as a persona non grata who is in the Olympic movement for the events. of 2004.


But was it only the EOE that was the president’s problem? He has even bigger issues to handle. Four months have passed and he still has not found a solution what he will do with the trio Koutsiora-Apostolopoulos-Chrysostomidis, who may have them on the sidelines, but he knows very well that he can not remain president beyond March without their support.

  • The “groomsmen” anyway as I learn they have not been left with folded arms and now speak openly of ingratitude and deception. These of course in the background because in the foreground we have not yet seen them come out. But they began to organize.

They sent the message

Brunette and Mantas they sent the message… That is why in yesterday’s council those who were in opposition in Sakorafa were the two of them, confirming their opposition to the practices of the lady’s master. Did I confuse you? Those who are in Syggrou know very well who the lady’s commander is. MeRA25 and this and the reason that the duo is getting further and further away. March will definitely be a very interesting month.

Angeloudis is in charge

Stelios Angeloudis will be the head of the delegation that will go to Beijing to represent EOE. The vice president will also represent Spyros Capralos, who will be at the Winter Olympics as a member of the IOC. And after I started with EOE, this year’s celebration was not canceled. Will be held. It was simply transferred because of the coronavirus. This is at least what they support in EOE…

Forces for the administration of EGO

I do not see well the administration of the gymnastics federation. As it turns out, several fouls have been committed in handling the complaints from the 26 athletes. In fact, I learned that in October the complaints reached the EGO and a few days later, they were announced as federal, coaches who were named in the complaints of the athletes. I learned from the GGA that some people are also from the president’s union. I do not see things well as Maximou has been ordered to clean the landscape. And in all, Sakis disappeared…

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