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The first gold medalist of Kosovo was withdrawn
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Mailinda Kelmendi was the one who paved the way for all sports in Kosovo and we can say that her own gold medal at the 2016 Games formalized Kosovo as a recognized state. Today she announced that she is hanging her ζουν judoki.

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Kosovo seceded from the rest of Serbia in 2008 and claimed its independence while the region still smelled of gunpowder. A total of 97 UN member states recognized Kosovo as an independent state, but it was the ambitious Thomas Bach who in 2016 allowed the Kosovo flag and anthem at the Olympics, paving the way for Kosovo…… almost universal recognition as an independent state.
Then Kelmenti, who competed under the Albanian flag in the 52k judo category at the 2012 London Games in London to finish ninth, decided to become a flag bearer at the 2016 Rio Games for Kosovo. At that time, the Kosovo National Anthem was heard on the world stage in the most official way, as Kelmendi was the winner in the 52k.

Today, the athlete, a symbol for the whole of Kosovo, announced that at the age of 30 she retires from active action, having won a total of 46 medals (32-6-8). In addition to the Olympic gold medal, he has two world gold medals, plus four European ones.

Her career did not start brilliantly, although at her first European Championship in 2008, she won the bronze medal. In 2009 she lost from the very first round in her first participation in a world championship in Rotterdam. In 2010 in Tokyo and in 2011 in Paris he was eliminated again in the world, this time from the second round. The following year at the London Olympics, Kelmenti was again eliminated from its first match, against an unknown athlete from Mauritius, a small island in the Indian Ocean.

Her fate and course will change as 2013 marks the beginning of a new beginning. It will win two consecutive world championships in Rio and Chelyabinsk, as well as its first and only Olympic gold medal in the Brazilian city three years later (2016).

Signs of fatigue will make their appearance, combined with a serious injury in 2018, gradually reducing its performance. Her last appearance was at the Tokyo Olympics, where she was eliminated by the Hungarian Reka Rup in her first match.

This, of course, does not change the great career of the 30-year-old judoka, who has not made the decision to give up judo completely, but to continue without judo, from the position of coach.

Local Sport News Today Headlines The first gold medalist of Kosovo was withdrawn

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