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The Gala at the Benidorm Palace is a hit again!

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The Flaming Shakers at Benidorm Palace

Benidorm Palace Gala is taking place against all odds!

Benidorm Palace hosted its first gala evening since the pandemic rocked the entertainment industry more than 18 months ago. And what a night it was! Especially considering the chain of events leading up to the big night on October 17th.

The show almost did not take place after the last minute cancellation of the title “Magic of the Beatles” due to visa issues related to Brexit. The paperwork proved too difficult and costly for the UK-based band to make the trip, a problem faced by many touring bands and musicians.

The show must continue

Rather than accept defeat, Benidorm Palace owner Christine Climent and her daughter Joanna sought a solution. In true theatrical tradition, they insisted that THE SHOW MUST CONTINUE! With five days to play, they found another Beatles tribute in the form of Barcelona-based Flaming Shakers and also added a Shadows tribute band named Atlantis to the bill.

The result was spectacular. A night to remember. Christine took to social media to express her own feelings about the show: “Unbelievable! Fantastic! I couldn’t have asked for more. “

“Against all odds somehow we got there and had one of the best parties ever played at Benidorm Palace. Atlantis and Flaming Shakers, what a spectacle! You gave us 100%.

Real teamwork

By the end of the night, the whole Palace was on its feet thanks to the performance of the two groups literally blowing up the roof.

In addition to praising the bands, Christine paid tribute to everyone behind the scenes who went out of their way to get the show up and running, including the sound and light department, the backstage crew and the box office.

She praised her daughter Joanna, saying, “Where would I be without you!”

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Today Headlines Today Headlines The Gala at the Benidorm Palace is a hit again!

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