the government will strengthen the barrier measures in the face of the 5th wave | Business Top stories

the government will strengthen the barrier measures in the face of the 5th wave
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The government has decided to strengthen the barrier measures and the health pass and to accelerate the vaccination campaign to avoid the submersion of hospitals in the face of a fifth wave of the COVID-19 epidemic

Booster dose of vaccine, wearing of a mask … The executive looked, Wednesday, November 24, in the Defense Council on a strengthening of the health response to the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic which returns to punctuate the end of the Macron five-year term.

“The observation is clear: our epidemic situation is deteriorating very clearly. A few days ago, I spoke of the start of a meteoric wave and this is confirmed with a reproduction rate of the virus, which is estimated today at 1 , 6 and which should very probably continue to increase in the coming days and weeks “, warned Gabriel Attal at the end of this meeting.

In order not to come back to gauge measurements, closures, or even new containment measures, the health defense council has set clear guidelines, said Gabriel Attal: “reinforcement of barrier measures including the wearing of a mask in inside and outside and ventilation of the premises, strengthening of the health pass to put more constraints on the non-vaccinated and acceleration of the vaccination campaign “.

These orientations will be presented Wednesday to the parliamentary groups of the National Assembly and the Senate and Thursday to the representatives of local elected officials. At the end of this consultation, the Minister of Health and Solidarity, Olivier Véran, will hold a press conference on Thursday at midday to present the new measures, said Gabriel Attal.

Indicators on the rise

In isolation after his positive test on Monday, Prime Minister Jean Castex participated remotely in this new meeting entirely dedicated to health, followed by a Council of Ministers. Symbol of an epidemic which once again dictates the government’s agenda, at one month of Christmas.

Even if the figures for Tuesday are still high since they include people who could not be tested on Sunday, 30,454 positive cases were identified in 24 hours.

Another indicator of epidemic recovery: closed classes. According to the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, there are currently 6,000, against 4,000 last Friday.

Logically, the government should endorse the recommendation issued on Friday by the High Authority for Health (HAS) to inject the booster dose (most often a third dose) from the age of 40, six months after the complete vaccination.

No scientific consensus

“There are very few forties who are already six months from the second dose, it will happen gradually in December. So it gives us the opportunity to organize ourselves if the decision is ratified,” commented Olivier Véran.

Two other advisory bodies, the Scientific Council and the Vaccine Strategy Orientation Council, have gone further by considering a booster for all adults.

For now, the recall only concerns people over 65, people at risk of severe forms and caregivers. For 50-64 year olds, the booster will be available from 1er December.

The systematic recall for all adults, however, is not a consensus among scientists. Some argue that two doses are still very effective against severe forms and that the urgency is to vaccinate those who have not had any dose (6 million people).

One of the other challenges of the Defense Council was to know from when the recall will be necessary to extend the health pass according to the ages. For those over 65, this mechanism should in principle start on December 15. But the president of the Scientific Council, Jean-François Delfraissy, assured Monday to have “pushed” to advance this date to “the middle of next week”.

Social crisis in the West Indies

The Defense Council could also decide to make the mask compulsory again in certain places, including theaters. On the other hand, a curfew or even a re-containment is not under consideration, according to a government source.

“But given what is happening with our close neighbors, we cannot rule it out,” warns Professor Arnaud Fontanet, member of the scientific council, in Le Parisien, who says he is “very surprised by the brutality of this wave” .

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The explosive situation in the West Indies, where a mobilization against compulsory vaccination for caregivers has turned into a social crisis, should also be on the menu on Wednesday.

To break the deadlock, Sébastien Lecornu, Minister of Overseas Territories, indicated that the government “is committed to finding other types of vaccines” for people who refuse those with messenger RNA.

Several presidential candidates, from Michel Barnier (LR) to Jean-Luc Mélenchon (LFI) via Marine Le Pen (RN), have called for the reinstatement of free tests, joining the opinion of many scientists.

Five months before the presidential election, the Covid epidemic, which had sometimes completely disappeared from the political debate, is also making a comeback in the campaign and promises to become one of the major challenges for 2022.

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the government will strengthen the barrier measures in the face of the 5th wave
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