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“The hidden president of SEGAS and Papapostolou’s fear”
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An announcement referring to Sofia Sakorafa and the practices she follows as president of SEGAS, was issued by the movement for the Renaissance of the track.

The following is the announcement of the Renaissance:

We are surprised to find that another SEGAS Board of Directors does not have critical issues on the agenda concerning the federation. If the hiding president thinks that with the ostrich’s tactic she can get rid of the problems she has created, she is making a big mistake and she will always find us in front of her in defending the legitimacy and prestige of SEGAS.

The decision of the president to terminate unilaterally within six months and the second general director of the Athens marathon, without prior information but much more without any decision by the Board of the Federation, invalidates the decision in the first place (decision required BoD for the termination of the contract) and secondly makes it fully and exclusively responsible for the developments that will follow and the consequences of its continuous replacement acts.

The hiding and collapsing president of SEGAS with her foolish behavior that offends the field of sports, certainly does not express the current society as it refers to other administrative models of the past, while at the same time endangering the Athens Marathon, an event for which all Greek sports were very proud of.

We once again call on Ms. Sakorafa, even at the last minute, to bring the issue of Papapostolou for discussion at tomorrow’s meeting of the Board. of SEGAS (15-10-21), as there are out-of-court cases concerning the entire Board. of the Federation (which he illegally conceals from the members of the Board) and complaints arise for which he has to give answers to the members of the Board, but also to the member unions of the federation.

We should also emphasize that it is outside the bounds of legality to hide out-of-court dispatches that are sent to the Federation and concern all members of the Board. It is not good administration by the federation’s leadership team to follow such practices of concealing critical documents.

We must protect in every way the Federation and its members from the impasses and adventures to which the Sakorafa administration leads the sport with its superficial actions in all the important issues concerning the Greek track and field.

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