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The lawyers cost Djokovic $ 50,000

Novak Djokovic is awaiting the decision of the Australians (of the competent minister) on whether he will be finally deported or not with his team of lawyers ready for a new court battle.

of Alexandras Karabournioti
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The Serb has every right to appeal again to overturn a negative decision against him that will deprive him of his participation in the Australian Open.
Djokovic’s legal team knows the procedures very well and is preparing for the second round.
Most of the lawyers who kept him in Australia are Australians and know the subject well. The office that took over the case is Hall and Wilcox and the original team that took over the case consisted of Natalie Bannister, Penelope Ford and Gradon Dodd. They were joined by Nick Wood (he was an adviser to the attorney general), Paul Holdersen (who has served on the Victorian Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of Australia), Nick Hartley (who has served as Deputy Chief Justice of the Federal Republic of Australia). is the only Serb. The legal team was paid $ 50,000 for their performance in the Victoria Court of Appeals.

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