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The route of the first Women’s Tour de France
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The first Women’s French Round is a fact and will take place from 24 to 31 July 2022, with the organizers revealing the route of the eight stages, with the race starting from the Eiffel Tower and ending after eight stages in the famous ascent of the Vosges Mountains, in Place de Belles Files.

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The day that the Men’s France Tour will end (24/7/2022), will be the start date of the Le Tour for women, where they will start their journey from Paris and the Eiffel Tower, with the director of the event, Marion Rousseau emphasizes that: “This new event will have its own life and will keep the people of Le Tour for another week of intense fighting.”

The women’s race will start from the Eiffel Tower, with the peloton having to climb the Trocadero first and then do twelve laps in the Champs Elysees, with the finish being a massive sprint, which is expected to be very spectacular.
On the second day, the cyclists will start from Mo and cross the Saint-e-Marne, which is crossed by the famous Seine and Marne rivers, while the finish will be in Provence.

On the third day the race will go further northeast, starting from Rennes. The athletes will have five demanding altitude climbs, culminating in the Cote de Moutigny with a slope of 12.1% for 900 meters. In other words, it will be a struggle mainly for the uphill women and those who attack in this stage. Things on the uphill become more difficult in the fourth race, as the road to Bar-Sir Ob from Troyes has seven difficult ascents, with director Rousseau stressing: “The race in these areas requires more courage than the corresponding in the men’s organization “.

The fifth stage will be the biggest of this year’s event with 175km and will take place in the places around the rivers Mort-e-Moselle, Mosa and Voz and there will be three difficult uphills, while on the sixth day the cyclists will pass through the fields of Alsace to finish in Rosheim, where a big sprint is expected at the finish. In the middle of the seventh stage, cyclists will have to climb mountains with slopes of 8.1% to 9.3 km and 8.3% to 7.1 km, which will be one of the most difficult parts of Le Tour, while before the road to Markstein that will want 13.5 km with 6.7% slope there will be a valley for the athletes to slow down. One of the most popular parts of the men’s Tour de France, the Plans des Belles Files, will be the end of the women’s Le Tour, with the uphills at the end being very demanding and very large, which makes their work even more difficult, but also their finish in the race.

Sport News Today Local news The route of the first Women’s Tour de France

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