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The Rule of Law, the financial weapon of Europeans!
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Brussels would like to better defend its values ​​and protect the rule of law even within the 27. Because authoritarian abuses, the stranglehold on justice and the media are pinned down in countries like Hungary and Poland, but also, to a lesser extent. measure, in other Member States. Poland challenges the superiority of European law through a judgment of its Constitutional Court on the orders of the ultra-conservative party in power. The European Union now has the possibility of hitting the bad guys of democracy in the wallet.

Hungary is impatiently awaiting 7.2 billion euros under its European recovery plan, and Poland no less than 36 billion. However, the Commission has already suspended the first payments. The two countries are appealing to the European Union on the validity of this new mechanism, which risks depriving them of European funding. Driven for years, the battle for the rule of law has indeed begun.

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The Rule of Law, the financial weapon of Europeans!
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