The vaccine pass is “a mistake from a medical point of view”, according to Professor Caumes – RT in French

The vaccine pass is “a mistake from a medical point of view”, according to Professor Caumes – RT in French

In an interview on Europe 1 on January 14, the infectious disease specialist judged that the decision to introduce the vaccination pass was due more to electoral considerations than to the desire to fight effectively against the Covid-19 epidemic.

Invited on Europe 1 on January 14, infectious disease specialist Eric Caumes felt that the prospect of the vaccination pass in France was not justified, even qualifying it as “an error from an epidemiological and public health point of view” to manage the health crisis. “At the time of Delta, it was conceivable. But at the time of Omicron, it is inconceivable because the vaccine does not prevent circulation in the general population ”, added the infectious disease specialist, who practices at the Hôtel-Dieu hospital in Paris. Noting that hundreds of thousands of cases were recorded every day in France, he said that this virus is “uncontrollable”.

This is neither medicine nor public health

According to Eric Caumes, the introduction of the vaccination pass is first and foremost “in the electoral campaign”, the government wishing to make it “a marker of display and cleavage” between vaccinated and unvaccinated. “The case of anti-vax too, it’s the same. This is neither medicine, nor public health, ”said the infectious disease specialist. Regarding the prospect of providing a fourth dose of vaccine, currently being studied by the Ministry of Health, Professor Caumes recalled that vaccination remained essential for frail people, stressing “that an infection does not confer immunity. definitive, just like vaccination ”.

“At the end of five to six months, the immunity which is conferred by the vaccine has become bad, so it is necessary to maintain the vaccination in the people at risk”, he developed, estimating that “the young people do not risk nothing”. According to the infectious disease specialist, the strategy followed was not the right one, since efforts should have been concentrated “on people. […] really at risk, that is to say the over 60s and the most fragile ”.

If he warned that it was necessary to “get in working order” for a fourth dose, the professor clarified that it is not immediately necessary for the French who have just received their booster dose. . “They will need it in four or six months if they have not caught the Covid in the meantime”, because an infection would “serve as a vaccine booster”. An infection that would be “probably more effective than the vaccine in protecting against the severity of a subsequent infection,” he argued. Therefore, vaccinated people catching the virus would benefit from natural immunity. “The vaccine is effective in preventing entry to the hospital, but is not effective in preventing the circulation of the virus. This is why the vaccination pass does not make much sense with Omicron, ”insisted Eric Caumes.

The words of the infectious disease specialist on the vaccination pass were welcomed by Florian Philippot, on Twitter, who saw it as proof that opposition to the new device was growing: “Things are moving everywhere!” he said. Debates on the new pass continued in Parliament, no agreement having been reached on January 13 between deputies and senators during the joint committee on the draft law on the vaccine pass. The National Assembly will have the last word, possibly during the weekend or at the beginning of the week.

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