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Those who claim “conspiracy” are the ones who need to be arrested, tried and punished.

Guest post by John L. Kachelman, Jr.

I’m talking to the Ruling Elite… YOU I contemptuously claim that I wear a tinfoil hat and pass the time in delusional dreams of imagined political catastrophes. YOU mock my worries and dismiss my patriotism with funny memes. YOU strut casually from one day to the next as if everyone and everything in this world were at your beck and call. YOU you pronounce illegal and absurd commands and heartily condemn non-compliance but then stand aside from the compliance you demand of others. YOU say that I am obsessed with unfounded conspiracies and that they serve as fodder for insurrectionary protests when in fact it is YOU promoting conspiracies. YOU childish antics deserve the retaliatory joke of the playground: “I’m rubber, these glue, what you say bounces off me and sticks YOU!” The real insurrectional conspirator is YOU!

The most brutal political practice ever used as a weapon is to plant, nurture and then oppress “conspiracies”. Although this word “conspiracy” has been publicized by the current political elite, it is not new. Since the beginning of time, conspiratorial thoughts have attacked the rule of law. In the Garden, the Devil suggested that the Forbidden Tree was off limits because Almighty God wanted to keep mankind different from the Godhead.

Since the beginning of time, conspiracy has been used as leverage to further the agenda of the Elite to secure more power and greater wealth. This evil ambition is not limited to any geographic border, language, ethnic race, or political leaning. Power is possessed and ambition wants more and more; seeking profit through fear, intimidation and false accusations.

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To frame the purpose of conspiracies, we must ask: “WHO profits from accusations of conspiracy theories? ” This is a significant but overlooked query.

Conspiracy is the action of a group of people strategizing an illegal, harmful, or evil plan that is secretly formulated for harmful or evil purposes. It is an agreement between two or more people to commit a crime, fraud or other illegal act for a certain result. It implies planning, coordination, dissemination of information and a goal. The term is always used with the strongest negative connotation.

The success of the conspiracy theorists depends on a grain of truth wrapped in lies propagandized to manipulate in order to achieve the evil goal. The message is presented that those who expose and punish the conspiracy are acting for the “greater good.” “Who” would dare stand in the way of the “greater good.” Therefore, the conspirators define the “greater good” in a way that furthers their ambition.

A study of civilization illustrates this evil deed; furnished are myriads of examples. Revealed is the tyrannical oppression of the Rulers over the Ruled. Once the Rulers publish their delusional conspiracies, they are justified in punishing those guilty of the imagined threats.

Perhaps the most recognized example comes from The Evil of Fascist Germany (1930). It was through propagandized conspiracies that the German public accepted the mass murder and systematic murder of Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, and disabled people during the Holocaust. These groups were attacked by the fascists and killed in crematoria and concentration camps throughout Europe. It was the media publications that caused people to develop anti-Semitic, anti-Gypsy, anti-homosexual, and anti-disability hysteria. The circulation of conspiratorial rumors established prejudices and discriminatory practices and allowed the escalation to an accepted state of violence.

A terrifying summary of how political talking heads used conspiracy to justify state-sponsored police action is laid out in an article titled “Has the world become Nazi Germany?”

“As a child survivor of the Nazi reign of terror, I learned indelible lessons about the nature of evil…Academic science, the military, industry, and clinical medicine were closely intertwined as they are now. The Nazi system destroyed a social conscience in the name of public health…Nazi propaganda used fear of infectious epidemics to demonize Jews as spreaders of disease, as a threat to public health…Current medical mandates they are a big step backwards towards a fascist dictatorship and genocide. …these undermine our dignity as well as our freedom… The harsh lesson of the Holocaust is that whenever doctors join forces with the government and deviate from their personal professional clinical commitment to do no harm to the individual, medicine can then be perverted and stop being a humanitarian cure. profession to a murderous apparatus… What distinguishes the Holocaust from all other mass genocides is the fundamental role played by the medical system… Doctors and prestigious medical societies and institutions gave the veneer of legitimacy to infanticide, mass murder of civilians ”. (Holocaust survivor and medical patient rights activist Vera Sharav)

The tyranny of the Rulers oppressing the Ruled with delusions of “conspiracies” is not isolated in the past. Our current times are witnessing a similar manipulation. The evil Political Elite seeks to numb the conscience of the population by claiming that the accusations are mere “conspiracies”. It’s not uncommon for those who question the Elite agenda to be dismissed with, “Come on! You’re sounding like one of those crazy conspirators!”

Posted in HUMAN EVENTS, June 5, 2021, there is an excellent analysis by Jim Hanson titled AN INVENTED INSURRECTION: How the Left Tries to Criminalize Conservatism. Hanson’s astute analysis was used a month later in another outstanding analysis by Michael Austin in the Western Journal. Austin’s report was titled: Investigative Report: Democrats are using a ‘manufactured insurrection’ to create a second war on terror aimed at Americans. Hanson’s conclusion aptly frames the diabolical nature of the Elite Rulers who seek to tyrannize the Subject Ruled. He affirms, The only conspiracy here is that of the left to deprive their political opponents of their constitutional rights..”

The Ruling Elite are being pressured to declare more conspiracy theories because their facade of integrity is crumbling. More are taking notice and questioning the tyranny they have credulously accepted. When Rulers feel pressured, they react strongly. Greater tyranny, greater propaganda, reshaped mission strategy, and greater intolerance will unfold.

This development is currently being observed. It’s a reality: just look at those wrongfully arrested, illegally incarcerated, unconstitutionally beaten, starved, deprived in DC jails after the J6 protests against State illegalities. The Rulers are threatened. His retaliation is harsh and inhumane to “teach a lesson” to others who may think of non-compliance.

On January 13, 2022, Jim Hoft published a shocking article titled: BREAKING: OathKeepers founder and president Stewart Rhodes arrested: Charged with seditious conspiracy a year after Jan. 6 protests. The desperation of the Ruling Elite is evident. Their media propaganda has failed miserably to deceive the population. Imaginary “conspiracy” charges are supposed to stoke fear and compliance. When the Rulers do not see this response, they act more hostile. His power and wealth are declining; the appetite of his evil ambition is not satisfied. The Rulers are beside themselves not understanding why the Ruled refuse to cower and obey.

If you want to see how desperately the Rulers are trying to maintain their tyranny over the Ruled, just look at all the “conspiracies” they have announced. These are invented by the delusional mind to justify the tyrannical despotism of the Washington POLS and entrenched bureaucrats who are desperate to feed their selfish ambition and hold on to the power and wealth they extort from the citizens of our Republic! Here are just a few and you can add to the list:

  • Parents are terrorizing school boards
  • Concerned citizens are domestic terrorists
  • Those who question the elections of 11/3/20 are subversive
  • Those who question CDC/NIH/FDA mandates are insurrectionists
  • Those who claim COVID death rates are inflated are not “scientists”
  • Those who reject the experimental jab are ignorant rednecks.

Rest assured, much more will be written about the “conspiracies” fomented by the evil Rulers to maintain their control over the Ruled. Conspiracies ARE NOT the product of concerned citizens, BUT the product of evil Rulers who seek to discredit, disparage and condemn the truth of those who seek the Truth. Re-read the opening paragraph: let the RULING POLITICIANS know this fact, it is YOU who is to blame! Do not justify yourself or elevate yourself to a distance that demeans another person or group.

One final illustration appropriately portrays the current situation in our nation’s capital. Inside the Beltway, everyone seems impervious to the reality of citizens in the United States. These, within the Beltway, have assumed an elitist position; they are aloof, insensitive, and carefree.

Now listen to this… History records the tyranny of a Ruler over the Ruled. This woman was a hated witch; an ugly, vicious and malicious old woman. She was wicked and trained her son in evil. Her son was justly executed and the mother usurped the throne by becoming queen. She has always been known as an assassin, even killing her own children to secure her position. Inevitably, the wheels of justice turned bringing his downfall. The nation returned to the Rule of Law that it had ignored. When the fact that she was going to be removed and the Law restored, she “ripped her clothes and cried: Conspiracy! Conspiracy!” (2 Kings 11:14).

This reveals a simple truth:those who shout “Conspiracy” are the ones who need to be arrested, tried and punished. This truth is historically validated but disdainfully ignored. Again, I ask, to frame the purpose of conspiracies, we must ask, “WHO profits from accusations of conspiracy theories?” the answer is the ruling tyranny it benefits because it gives a delusional legitimacy to oppress and punish!

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